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Doctor Who Story 242 – Deep Breath

I remember watching this in theatres, and being bored with it already. Though Strax is great.

Okay, but I really enjoy Peter Capaldi.

I hate the new opening. It looks like a cartoon.

Why does Clara not understand regeneration?

Is Capaldi going to spend most of his first episode in bed?

Why do I like aliens not understanding humans so much?

There’s not enough Strax in this episode, because everything else is not that interesting.

The whole story about Clara not liking regenerated Doctor is bullshit, and horrible. Why would she care when this is after the interaction between Clara and all the other 10 Doctors.

I really think Matt Smith’s scene is cheating Peter Capaldi. This deserves to be his episode, and his stories. Making it about Matt Smith isn’t right.

Yay! Missy!

Doctor Who Story 241 – The Time of the Doctor


Handles is a bad idea. Having a new character come in just causes too much muddling when it should be about Matt Smith.

But the phone call with Clara is fun, but it might have been easier if she was just there with him right from the beginning.

I like naked Doctors.

How does her very obvious bra work?

Their naked butts are touching.

The crack being Gallifrey does not make sense with what we saw of it before.

God, stop the narration.

They expect me to feel sad for Handles’ death.

Old man Doctor should be acting more like William Hartnell.

So the Doctor can hold back the hoards with nothing but the Silence, but if he brought back the Time Lords, it would be unending war?

So he knows the Curator exists, but he doesn’t believe he has more regenerations? There was also Capaldi in the special?

So if the Doctor can destroy a giant fleet by regenerating, why didn’t the Time Lords just murder the Lord President and make him regenerate into Pierce Brosnan to get rid of the Daleks?

I so missed Amy.

I don’t get why Clara is upset about him changing. She’s seen all his incarnations. She liked the War Doctor, she liked 10. Why is she begging him not be Capaldi?

Behind the Lens

You can’t equate regeneration with death, because nobody dies.

Stephen Moffat

WHAT? You have been equating the two your whole time as showrunner, plus Davies’ time. Do you even read what you write?

Doctor Who Story 240 – The Day of the Doctor

“The Day of the Doctor” is the 50th anniversary special, but it was preceded and succeeded by many many other pieces that were airing throughout that year. This post will cover them all.

I’m going to add to this, that this 50th anniversary was what inspired me to watch every episode of Doctor Who. It took a long time to get this point. Almost 10 years. I’m proud of myself, good job Adam!

The Doctors Revisited: The First Doctor

“As a kid I found the Doctor terrifying,” said Neil Gaiman. Yeah, he was a complete asshole.

Oh nice, they got Ian to be interviewed.

The ladies are so overcome by emotion. Oh Barbara.

So they’re about to show “the Aztecs.” Good story.

The Doctors Revisited: The Second Doctor

YAY! Patrick Troughton!

YAY! Zoe!

YAY! Jamie! I really do think those three are the best TARDIS crew, ever.

I really wish more Troughton episodes were found.

Zoe was badass!

They’re showing “The Tomb of the Cybermen.” Yay!

The Doctors Revisited: The Third Doctor

“Difficult, pompous and really bad tempered” which probably why I never liked Pertwee.

The Doctors Revisited: The Fourth Doctor

“Tom Baker was the coolest thing of the 1970.” Umm…

“She was from a tribe of savages.” Yikes, David Tennant.

The Doctors Revisited: The Fifth Doctor

That’s nice that Peter Davison grew up watching Doctor Who. Hartnell and Troughton were his Doctors. A nice mirror to his son-in-law.

Davison had way too many companions.

“Earthshock” is the episode they’re showing.

The Doctors Revisited: The Sixth Doctor

Colin Baker seems to have a good outlook on how hated his Doctor was.

Compassion? Also, Peri not leaving after the Doctor tries to kill her still pisses me off.

Stop showing the same clip over and over again.

The Doctors Revisited: The Seventh Doctor

I liked McCoy’s silliness.

Oh god, his rolling Rs.

The Doctors Revisited: The Eighth Doctor

It was quite violent, because it was set in San Francisco.

Sylvester McCoy on the death of the 7th Doctor.

It’s nice that Grace is in this documentary.

It’s a shame Paul McGann wasn’t interviewed for this.

It’s just retelling the plot of this one episode, they should have done a focus on Big Finish stuff.

The Doctors Revisited: The Ninth Doctor

Eccelston was fun.

She has a nice job, in a nice shop, with a nice boyfriend.

Someone about Rose…

She did not have a nice job. It wasn’t a nice shop. Mickey is not a nice boyfriend.

I can’t find the tenth and eleventh. I don’t really care, though.

The Night of the Doctor

Yay! It’s Paul McGann’s second episode!!!

McGann is so calm as the Doctor.

His Doctor could have been great. Except for the screaming of “GET OUT! GET OUT!”

And now he’s John Hurt.

The Last Day

The last prequel was an event! We got to see McGann again, and see his regeneration into John Hurt. This one is boring. It also feels like a shitty video game.

An Adventure in Space and Time

Before I start watching, I want to state how much I hate how they portrayed Sydney Newman. Newman is a Torontonian. He speaks with a Toronto accent, like me. Here’s him talking.

And now here’s him with this weird New York accent…

Okay, on with the show.

David Bradley was a good choice to play William Hartnell.

The Cyberman costume looks so great and dinky in HD.

You know me! Pop! Pop! Pop!

Says the soft-spoken Canadian.

Oh, Varity is Jewish. Jews and Canadian, just what all good television needs.

Hahaha, his hands holding his lapel while giving a very Hartnell look.

I love the ladies’ hair.

I also love the teal on the Daleks.

Nice tie in with David Tennant there, “I don’t want to go.”

That Beatle wig is terrible on the fake Patrick Troughton.

The guy they got to play Matt Smith looks a lot like Matt Smith, though.

The short documentary after is quite sweet.

The Day of the Doctor

Yay! Original opening!

Why is Clara working as a teacher? She has no certifications. I’m sure that the Doctor arranged something through the headmaster Ian, but is that enough?

Can you snap with gloves?

Close the TARDIS door, Doctor!

The plot was moving so fast, then the Moment/Rose showed up.

That’s a bad painting of David Tennant.

I like David Tennant.

John Hurt’s smile seeing the Doctors doctoring is great.

Also, why is Kate Stewart stopping the countdown? She’s willing to die to save humanity, she has the Zygons there. She should just go ahead with it.

John Hurt is so good in this role.

David Tennant and Matt Smith should be in every episode of Doctor Who together.


John Hurt would have been a great Doctor.

Why are you playing Clara’s theme?

I love that they brought Tom Baker back. Also, I can’t believe they kept that quiet. Tom Baker is so good.

So many Doctors.

The Afterparty

That’s a shit-load of companions, and I love that Carole Ann Ford is willing to admit that she thinks the new Doctor Who is nothing like her show.

Eww, don’t get married on the Doctor Who anniversary.

Renewing your vows on your two year anniversary? That’s a bit short of a span.

She shouldn’t be calling people by their character names.

Colin Baker is wearing crocs.

Oh! Wilf came to Doc 7’s rescue, so he could play the spoons.

The Five(ish) Doctors Reboot

Olivia Colman!

The kid hiding behind the sofa.

Georgia is very pregnant.

I love Paul McGann in this.

The Tom Baker joke is brilliant.

Also, Peter Davison’s kids are way too young.

Georgia has too many children.

You lean on it, nothing happens. Doesn’t wobble at all.

Peter Davison about the then-current TARDIS set.

Hey, that was Frank Skinner. I know him from Taskmaster now.

The Day of the Doctor: Behind the Lens

Well that’s nice that Colin Baker gets to narrate this.

Nice that Osgood is actually a fan.

Doctor Who Story 239 – The Name of the Doctor

Clarence and the Whipsermen

The accent of the chained guy sounds like the stupid accent that Noel Fielding does in the Mighty Boosh.

The Name of the Doctor

Oh, I forgot that this is how it started… the Doctor stealing the TARDIS! That’s a fun little start. Too bad Clara’s story is really stupid, and she’s in all his life.

Oh, here’s Clarence.

I do love Strax the more we see him.

Why would him having travelled through time make his grave dangerous.

So far, this episode is just “we have to go somewhere.” Yet there’s no reason given why they have to go there. It’s just walking around. With no goal.

I feel like Moffat just wanted the past 2 seasons’ story to be this just so he could have people shouting “Doctor who??????” over and over again.

“It will burn you up! Once you go through, you can’t come back. You will be scattered along my timeline like confetti!”

The Doctor to The Great Intelligence

And yet, Clara can go and jump in and it’s fine? She can get out? They leave the cliffhanger as if that’s the big question, but then they just ignore it when they get to the 50th anniversary special.

It’s like my mum said, “The soufflé isn’t the soufflé. The soufflé is the recipe.” It’s the only way to save him, isn’t it?

Clara to River Song

What stupid bullshit is that?

None of this resolution makes any fucking sense. I say that knowing that they don’t actually resolve anything, leave it on a cliffhanger and just ignore it. Suddenly Clara’s a teacher, but that’s for another episode.

Hahaha, that guy in the William Hartnell wig looked so bad.

The ending with John Hurt is great, but maybe show how something wins. If you’re going to make getting out of the Doctor’s time stream possible, don’t sell it as something that rips you up like confetti. Put in peril, but don’t just wave it away because it wasn’t convenient. This is everything that is wrong with Moffat’s time as showrunner, and I think the show is worse because of his time in that role.

Doctor Who Story 238 – Nightmare in Silver

She Said, He Said

What is the point of this? Clara complaining that the Doctor hasn’t told her who he is, boo hoo.

Why is Clara trying not to fall in love with the Doctor. They never showed us this. You can’t just say it, and it’s true, you need to demonstrate that Clara is trying not to fall in love with the Doctor. Also, if you’re going to drop that, you should at least make it as part of the story.

Nightmare In Silver

Why children?

This is very borg. More borg than the Cybermen ever were.

If it was all in the Doctor’s head, and they weren’t cutting back to the Doctor being shocked, spinning and being the other person, that would be much better.

Doctor Who Story 237 – The Crimson Horror

“Dark and queer business.”

Once again Strax is adorable.

This must be a Doctor-lite episode. I’m glad they did it in the back half of the season (with Clara and not Amy/Rory).

And great, I now see that Noel Clarke is an asshole.


This episode is so boring.

Doctor Who Story 236 – Journey to the Center of the TARDIS

I hope it’s not like the rest of the Clara episodes where it gets somewhat interesting then falls apart at the end, and we have a magic ending that is barely explained.

The Doctor is an asshole.

She’s in the library. Where’s the pool?

“History of the Time War” has there even been any mention of the Time War in the entire time Clara has been in Doctor Who?

Matt Smith is so good at seeming old.

Why is everything the heart of the TARDIS? The untempered schism. The eye of harmony. The engine.

Why will a butt plug reset time? Also is resetting time a good idea story-wise? It’s not.

Doctor Who Story 235 – Hide

Good outfit, lady.

Ghosts and science, you say?

Oh, they made a Ghost Busters joke, they beat me to it. By about 10 years.

I’m liking this episode.

Okay, this got terrible.

Doctor Who Story 234 – Cold War

Oh, it’s Prince Phillip.

These Soviets are very British.

Ice Warriors!

This is surprisingly better than I expected.

Oh wait! Matt Smith is also Prince Phillip.

This is a good less to young children about mutually assured destruction.

How does Clara know where they are?

Doctor Who Story 233 – The Rings of Akhaten

I don’t care enough about Clara to see that much of her childhood or her Doctor-Stalker.

Oh god, there’s singing.

This has everything I don’t want. Children and singing.

Let’s sing and scream at this monster and hey we win!

I hate this.