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Clara Oswald

Doctor Who Story 276 – Twice Upon a Time

The 709 episodes ago is great. I love old sexist Doctor. “You may speak with her again,” and I really hope it’s Susan, but it’s Bill. No one needs Bill. She’s okay, but Susan would be better. I really wish it was Susan. The Doctor love Susan. That ship of his is in need of a good deep clean. The Doctor Hartnell with a gay woman companion is wonderful. What you need is a jolly good smacked bottom! The Doctor to Bill (or Susan) Mycroft’s Hitler haircut is terrible. Well, no one should have a Hitler haircut, even if they are 20 years too early for Hitler. What a jackass.… Read More »Doctor Who Story 276 – Twice Upon a Time

Doctor Who Story 262 – Hell Bent

Oh, it’s guitar Doctor again. Oh, it’s Clara ruining it for everyone. This teaser is making me hate the episode already. We want to see the Doctor on Gallifrey, and you’re giving us a dead woman in a diner. You’d think the Gallifreyans wouldn’t need a city, they have TARDIS technology. So explain to me how Gallifreyan society works, because these people seem to be living in abject poverty. Why are the poor not allowed to speak? How is Rassilon still president of Gallifrey. He wasn’t stuck there for billions of years. It’s not like he remembers more than one loop through there. Doctor Who sucks. Also, Clara sucks. First… Read More »Doctor Who Story 262 – Hell Bent

Doctor Who Story 261 – Heaven Sent

So this one I remember being amazing. I also remember my partner refusing to watch it because of how bad Face The Raven was. Too much talking to yourself. Yay! He found room 12. I’m not writing because I’m watching.

Doctor Who Story 260 – Face the Raven

This episode made me so angry when I first watched it! Don’t remember that tattoo bit, or Rigsy. Who is he? Oh, Rigsy was the spraypaint artist in the previous shitty episode. This is very Torchwood. They’re spending so much time setting up plot that I don’t care about to (not) kill Clara. This episode is so bad it makes me really angry.

Doctor Who Story 259 – Sleep No More

This is terrible, so far… also I don’t remember it at all. Oh, I remember the sleep pods. What used to be sleep in your eye has turned into a carnivorous life form. The Doctor I can’t think of anything but Marty wandering Hill Valley. Well, that was terrible. (How many posts am I ending with that?)

Doctor Who Story 258 – The Zygon Invasion/The Zygon Inversion

The Zygon Invasion I like the UNIT crew, so I’m going with this. I’m annoyed at how they completely ignored the actual resolution in the 50th anniversary special. At least they’re doing that now. 20 million is a lot of Zygons. Why is the Doctor playing guitar? Where is the teacher to protect these children from the weird man? This show really likes the American southwest, and I have a feeling it wasn’t actually shot in the US. WOOT! I was right, it was Spain, on an island called Fuerteventura. Oh my! That’s Nicola Murray from The Thick of It! Oh, Capaldi needs to swear at her. Have him stand… Read More »Doctor Who Story 258 – The Zygon Invasion/The Zygon Inversion

Doctor Who Story 257 – The Woman Who Lived

*gasp* it’s some highway robbery! Me is an interesting idea. I just don’t look forward to how it ties into Clara’s story. A woman who can’t remember her life is interesting. I like Capaldi’s hatred of banter.

Doctor Who Story 256 – The Girl Who Died

I kinda feel like the entire teaser nothing happened. I think Odin watched Monty Python and the Holy Grail. I like the Doctor’s nicknames for the Vikings. Oh, they’re not robots. Yay! He’s reversing the polarity of the neutron flow.

Doctor Who Story 255 – Under the Lake/Before the Flood

Under the Lake I remember this episode sucking, and already it does. This episode is making me hate Clara even more than I already do. The cards are a nice touch. Is his name really “Pritchard?” Before the Flood Why is he breaking the fourth wall? Wow that whole Beethoven speech was terrible. Okay, I like the lady who is giddy a out it being bigger on the inside. Stop saying the Doctor dies when we know he doesn’t. You keep doing this and I’m so tired of it. Ugh! Doctor Who is so bad.

Doctor Who Story 254 – The Magician’s Apprentice/The Witch’s Familiar

Prologue More talk about death, blah blah blah blah blah. No one’s going to die. I wish they’d kill Clara, but they won’t. The Magician’s Apprentice That’s very low tech… with lasers. They keep saying “hand mine” like it’s a thing. I remember being intrigued that it’s Davros. And once again, news reports. These people are so excited to assume it’s hostile. We’re into the electric guitar phase… why. And sunglasses. Missy being offended that Davros is the Doctor’s arch enemy is fantastic. The Witch’s Familiar Missy is great. I like the different Dalek models. Missy is great. She really is the best part of Capaldi’s time. Missy is great!… Read More »Doctor Who Story 254 – The Magician’s Apprentice/The Witch’s Familiar