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Back to the Future Is The Future

Natalia’s shop Future Is The Future seems to be going well. Since my last photoshoot, we’ve done two others.

IMG_6017 IMG_6002 IMG_6029 IMG_6063 IMG_6078 IMG_6080 IMG_6100 IMG_6140 IMG_6388 IMG_6325 IMG_6321 IMG_6320 IMG_6188 IMG_6152

IMG_6586 IMG_6602 IMG_6604 IMG_6617 IMG_6682 IMG_6771 IMG_6802 IMG_6843 IMG_6851 IMG_6889

Future Is The Future

Once upon a time, I did a mini photoshoot with my buddy Natalia.


Now she is starting a clothing store and wanted pictures in a similar style. I CAN DO THAT! And I did… here, look at pictures.

Visit Future Is The Future.

IMG_5213 IMG_5244 IMG_5329 IMG_5397 IMG_5409 IMG_5481 IMG_5497 IMG_5638 IMG_5649 IMG_5707 IMG_5825 IMG_5849 IMG_5870

Work Portraits

I was asked to photograph my coworkers for a magazine we publish, I thought I’d share…




Debby Linda Evert Tara Adam Brenda G. Tandie Rachel Louise Brenda C

I Love You, Ontario

“The equal and inalienable rights of all members of the human family is the foundation of freedom, justice and peace in the world …  these principles have been confirmed in Ontario.1


Your borders don’t define you.
Your people do.

We swim in your great lakes.
We camp in your parks.


Snowmen line the yards.
While wet mittens sit on the radiators.

Anishinabe, Missassauga, Mohawk, Algonquin, Cree, Ojibway.
India, Brazil, Sudan, Ghana, Greece, Poland.


Refugees and survivors.
A place to build a home.

From John Sandfield to Kathleen.
Banting and Best, Cuddy and Keelor.


French and English.
Cantonese and Farsi.

We sit amongst the trilliums,
while seeking shade under the maples.


Dancing in your clubs.
Skating in your rinks.

Driving on the 401.
Riding the 501.


A road trip to Ottawa or Thornbury.
Staring up at the stars from a dock on a lake.

Eating pho and schnitzel, or
Bagels and injera.


In our cities with skyscrapers and
our LCBO in the centre of our small towns.

We drink and play.
We kiss and dance.


We strive to be greater
than the sum of our parts.

We define ourselves by what we’re not,
and often miss who we are.


                                                            It’s ours to discover.

  1. Human Rights Code, []

Rt. Hon. Paul Martin

Paul Martin, former Prime Minister of Canada, came to my place of employment to talk to the students. He spoke about the future of Aboriginal education. It was an interesting talk, and I got to take a few photos. I’m only publishing one that doesn’t have any student faces.

IMG_4446 (1)

The Districts

The Districts


Brooklyn Bowl

Brooklyn, USA



The Cheap Speakers

The Cheap Speakers bass drum

I’ve been friends with The Cheap Speakers since before The Cheap Speakers. Today, the band announced their end. Fortunately I’ll continue to have these friends in my life, no matter what band they may or may not be playing in. This gave me an opportunity to look back at all the times I’ve taken my camera to a Cheap Speakers show. I’ve been to many shows, and on occasion I lugged my DSLR with me.

2007 09 19

Cameron House

Performing as Door Listen Talk

My lord, what a terrible band name. The first time I saw Natalia performing with Brennan in what would eventually become The Cheap Speakers they decided to dub themselves “Door Listen Talk” and we all mocked them for it.





2007 12 12

The Boat

Oh hello, Ruhee and Daniel!

Daniel and Ruhee



2008 08 09

The Central

At this point Natalia was on hiatus, but Jamie came in to fill her shoes. Also, I found my first photo of Eric as The Speakers’ drummer.


Brennan, Daniel, and Jamie

Brennan, Daniel, Jamie


2009 12 11

The Horseshoe Tavern

I think this was their CD release show. Tim was now in the band, and I think they were going through a rotation of drummers until David would join the band and make them complete. <3




2013 03 02

The Horseshoe Tavern

I think this was their EP release party. There’s a big gap here, but I assure you, I went to many of The Cheap Speakers’ shows, I just didn’t take my camera to their home at Rancho, due to the horrible lighting.




2013 06 29

Video shoot for “She Has A System”

The Cheap Speakers

The Cheap Speakers

The Cheap Speakers

The Cheap Speakers

The Cheap Speakers

The Cheap Speakers

Happy Halloween



Makeup and camera assistance by Meg Simm


Went to Brickworks to take some pics of Ashley. Here’s my fav.

Pride 2012

Today is Canada Day, but it is also Pride. I took my camera with me for the first time to Pride, and took these photos.