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Doctor Who Serial 143 – The Trial of a Time Lord

Part One – The Mysterious Planet Part One

That new theme song and opening credits are a perfect example of all the wrong choices.

Time Lord costumes are amazing. I love how her hat is a Time Lord collar in hat form.

The Doctor does meddle, so I can’t blame them for trying him for that.

The Doctor should know that he should have a defence attorney.

Oh! Stuff is recorded in “the Matrix.”

Well, so far this season, he’s less of an asshole.

So far he’s kinda reminding me of what very little I know of Sylvester McCoy. Maybe a splash of William Hartnell.

The stripy sideburns are definitely a fashion statement. Not as good as the weird pointed ones in Star Trek.

Okay, I like these thugs. This is so far a pretty fun story, Except it’s fourteen parts, so I doubt that’ll last.

Doctor Who writers need to know what a constellation is.

At least he’s not ignoring Peri’s feelings because he’s an asshole. Now he’s just super giddy.

That robot is fantastic.

These people have a book about Canadian Geese, the bastards.

Part Two – The Mysterious Planet Part Two

Peri’s gonna get many husbands. She doesn’t seem thrilled, though.

That robot is a real L7. Chetta oom, chetta oom, check it out.

Oh, and the immortal is an L3 robot!

So much discussion of black lights, I wonder if this robot could just head to the Comfort Zone.

Part Three – The Mysterious Planet Part Three

This music is so stressful.

“Valeyard, I would appreciate if these brutal and repetitious scenes are reduced to a minimum,” and the audience agrees.

That was the worst instance of her fake American accent.

Every once in a while during this episode, there’s so damn good humour in there.

Part Four – The Mysterious Planet Part Four

The judge seems so annoyed at both the Doctor and the Valeyard. Yet she lets this terrible trial continue. The Valeyard is hardly preventing any evidence, just instead watching an episode of Doctor Who.

The Doctor didn’t set any of these events in motion. The robot would have run out of black light whether or not the Doctor was there.

The Valeyard is completely wrong in his evaluations.

Part Five – Mindwarp Part One

Let’s do the mindwarp, again!

Yowzah! Look at those strapping young lads.

Part Six – Mindwarp Part Two

Keep your prisoners tied up. That helps.

If the writers were any good. This whole trial would be a question of morality.

I’ve totally lost this story. And there’s two more parts. Yikes.

Part Seven – Mindwarp Part Three

I’m only on Part 7 and I think it’s going on a bit long.

What’s with that tongue thing Sil is doing. Yuck.

Part Eight – Mindwarp Part Four

Apparently females are all flibbity jibbity. Also, I don’t blame Peri for wanting to leave the Doctor. I would have left him seasons ago.

Part Nine – Terror of the Vervoids Part One

They’re stating where something is in space, and not using constellations as their coordinates.

Well that’s an entitled asshole.

Wow, that’s a terrible way to introduce Mel. She’s fat shaming and horrible. She might want to focus on fitness in her life, but to impose it on the Doctor who is obviously very uncomfortable with it, is just plain rude. At least I no longer need to listen to Peri’s horrible accent.

Commodore as a rank makes me giggle.

Gym equipment goes very retro in the 2980s.

Oh, Mel is short for Melanie, not Perigilliam.

Part Ten – Terror of the Vervoids Part Two

So the Doctor is showing a story from his own future. He hasn’t lived through these events, yet. So the weird question here, is how on Gallifrey is that even allowed?

Part Eleven – Terror of the Vervoids Part Three

Why does the Doctor start this episode with mumbles?

That woman looks like a cabbage.

Oh, apparently she is a cabbage.

“Stop the Matrix.” No, I think they’re going to make more and more Matrix films.

“Going to pieces won’t help.” Of course a man said that to a woman.

Oh no! Human cabbages!

“Allow me,” you didn’t even hold the door open, you just moved to the side, you’re a liar.

Why would you pulverize dirty towels?

Part Twelve – Terror of the Vervoids Part Four

I don’t know what to write about the cabbage people. They look like gentiles.

“They have no respect for any form of life.” That’s a pretty accurate description of humans.

I agree with the Valeyard for the first time, yeah, the charge must be genocide.

Part Thirteen – The Ultimate Foe Part One

Supposition, Doctor! There is no evidence to suggest the Valeyard “wants your head!”

Are they calling this guy “Hop-a-long Glitz.”

The Master is going to come to the Doctor’s defence.

“That’s it Doc! Now we’re getting at the dirt!” says Mel, who has no idea what is going on.

The Valeyard being the Doctor between his 12th and final regeneration could be any Doctor since Matt Smith.

The Matrix is filled with circus music. That’s what the Wachowski Sisters got wrong.

Ahh, the quicksand trope. Been a while since I’ve seen that.

Part Fourteen – The Ultimate Foe Part Two

So if you kill yourself in the past, you just get rid of the aspects of your personality that were prime at the time?

Mel telling the Doctor that he’s not better than the Valeyard, a renegade on the run. Trying to convince him he doesn’t want to be that? That doesn’t make sense, that’s the Doctor’s core character.

Does he think he’s Picard with all his Shakespeare quotes?

She opens a closet of flashing lights and says, “A megabyte MODEM!” What?

Oh, if you save the Time Lords, they’ll forgive your genocide.

Doctor Who Serial 126 – Terminus

Part One

The Black Guardian is still up to his tricks and trying to make Turlough sabotage.

It’s nice to see more of the TARDIS and Adric’s/Turlough’s room.

Oh, the ’80s hair of that lady, it’s perfect!

Part Two

This story is really boring. The only good things are the uniforms for the crew.

Part Three

Will I care enough about Part three to pay attention? Probably not, but her hair amazing. I think part of it is I just started Lovecraft Country and Ted Lasso and both are much better.

The dog man just standing there and waiting for the guy to stop shooting is not very convincing.

Part Four

Time for “Terminus” to terminate.


Nyssa tripped this guy, and it seemed like they were about to make out. I was very disappointed they didn’t.

That was terrible. I’ll miss Nyssa, slightly. Just annoyed that Turlough is who replaces her.

Doctor Who Serial 125 – Mawdryn Undead

Part One

Wow, 30 seconds in and Turlough is already insufferable. They really should stop putting British people in this show.

Yay! Lethbridge-Stewart.

Turlough is a jackass AND he’s plotting to murder the Doctor.

This soundtrack is both terrible and amazing.

Why is that kid following Turlough?

Part Two

I wonder if Turlough will knock out the Doctor. Nope… that’s a surprise.

How can Lethbridge-Stewart forget his time with the Doctor? I don’t approve.

Oh good, he knows the Doctor during Tegan’s time period.

Wow, they’re really going deep into the Doctor’s mythology in this season.

Part Three

This is the least Doctor Who structure and it’s a nice change.

Tegan should just poke the dude’s brain.

Part Four

So these people tried to become Time Lords. They failed. Whomp whomp. But the Doctor calling them fools is silly, as all the Time Lords were once not Time Lords and took energy from that child (the Doctor (SPOILERS!)) and became Time Lords. So not fools. Also the Doctor not saving them, as it would be giving up his remaining 8 regenerations… NOT SINCE YOU’RE THE ALPHA TIME LORD!

Well, the Brigadier meeting himself didn’t end with Pterodactyls like when Rose met her father.

Olive Garden’s Alfredo Sauce

Once again, the internet sucks. People remove stuff that you rely on. So first off, thank you to for the wayback machine. Here’s Olive Garden’s Alfredo Sauce.

Seeing as recipes aren’t copy protected, I’m even going to post it here, as the wayback machine is a bit slow.

85g butter
1 TBSP Garlic
2 TBSP All Purpose Flour
1 1/2 cup milk
1 1/2 cup heavy cream
1/2 cup imported Parmesan cheese, grated
1/2 cup imported Romano cheese, grated
Salt and black pepper to taste
  1. Cook the butter and garlic in a saucepan on medium heat. Cook for 1 minute, stirring occasionally.
  2. stir in the rest the remaining ingredients and stir occasionally until the sauce begins to simmer. Remove from heat.

MDM Migration for macOS

Here’s my little tale about MDMs. It’s a history, plus how we migrated from one platform to another, why we did, and the ouches along the way.

AirWatch on iPads

At my first MacAdmins at PSU, I was speaking to a fellow macadmin about the pain of managing iPads using Configurator, Apple’s in-house product to manage iPads. He said he was in a similar pain and then moved to AirWatch, a Mobile Device Management system (MDM).

AirWatch, along with Apple’s Device Enrollment Program (DEP) got me where I needed. I could wirelessly provision my iPads and install applications from Apple’s Volume Purchasing Program (VPP), which is basically the App Store for organizations.

macOS in WorkspaceONE

We eventually put our macOS devices into AirWatch, which was now retitled WorkspaceONE, with a very simple workflow. Computer would boot, DEP would tell the computer it was owned by the school and was assigned to WorkspaceONE, WorkspaceONE would install a package with Munki and run a script to rename the computer based on a Google Sheet (that script can be found here).

WorkspaceONE would also be used to install configuration profiles on the Mac for things that an MDM was needed for and couldn’t be done via Munki such as Privacy Preferences Policy Control (PPPC) which requires User Approved MDM (UAMDM) to be deployed.

iPad *headdesk*

All was good, and then stuff didn’t work as well. Apps wouldn’t push out to the devices, configuration profiles wouldn’t push out to the iPads. The Macs were depending on WorkspaceONE for so little that it didn’t really matter. I was helping my friend move away from DeployStudio for his imaging needs and move to no-imaging, I suggested he use Mosyle for his Macs. I liked what I saw and I was tempted.

Since Mosyle was free for one platform (iOS/iPadOS or macOS), in August 2019, I decided to move all my iPads over to Mosyle. It would be easy. I annually wipe all my iPads. Move them over to in Apple School Manager from WorkspaceONE to Mosyle, set up configuration settings, move my VPP licences overs, wipe the iPads and watch them all enroll. It went amazingly.

macOS *headdesk*

We mostly used WorkspaceONE on the macs just to install Munki, but there were a few things it wasn’t doing properly. We setup a firmware password to prevent students from restarting computers into Recovery and changing teacher passwords. It was only successfully installed on 10% of devices. We sent out PPPC settings for Smart Notebook and it only installed for about 80% of fleet. We sent out a kext allowlist which only worked on about 50% of the fleet.

Whenever we called VMWare support, we usually got a support agent who didn’t know the macOS platform. It would take over 24 hours before VMWare would call us. They would always call outside of our normal business hours and any resolution to our problems was in spite of their support staff, not because of them.

My plan was to move all macOS devices over to Mosyle in September 2020. It would be much harder. I can’t just wipe teacher laptops. While there’s no policy in favour of this, many teachers use their school devices as their personal devices. In addition, many don’t store all their data in Google Drive as they’ve been instructed to do for many years. As such, I also pushed back our planned roll out of Catalina until September 2020. Normally I tried to allow teachers to install a new OS via Munki as soon as possible (after testing).

The Best Plans Are Destroyed By A Pandemic

With remote learning, and a closed building, we were managing computers via Zoom. This is fine if WorkspaceONE was pushing out the PPPC policies correctly to allow for the fleet. Our users are Standard users (not Admin, aka, non-privileged users), and thus they cannot authorize the PPPC settings for Accessibility to allow remote control of their computer via Zoom.

Then Apple rolled out a security update that caused major problems in macOS 10.14.6 and Zoom. We had crashes. Terrible crashes. Many were not able to teach.

To Mosyle and Beyond!

Mosyle were kind enough to offer us free usage until the end of June if I signed the full one year contract we were planning to buy next year (July 2020-July 2021). I jumped on that.

I was testing Mosyle for macOS in September, so back then I put all policies and configuration profiles from WorkspaceONE into Mosyle. I needed to do some updating of policies that changed since September. I did that, then I tested on a couple of machines. Then I wiped them, enrolled them in WorkspaceONE and tested the migration process to Mosyle. All seemed to go well.

Then I logged into the computer lab at the school. I tested the migration process on those computers, it went simply and quickly. Then I remembered that I don’t have Remote Desktop access to the computers at teacher homes. I’m running this through Zoom and a Standard User. So with a bit of a chat with Rich Trouton of Der Flounder fame, I confirmed that his software Privileges, if deployed through Munki, would give the user elevated privileges and allow me to walk them through the final process.

The Process

  1. First day, distribute to all devices via Munki a stub installer of Catalina
    I used the stub rather than the full installer because the download from Apple’s servers would be faster than the download from the school’s server
  2. Day before, add Privileges to the computer’s manifest in Munki as a Managed Install
  3. Switch computer from WorkspaceONE to Mosyle in Apple School Manager
  4. Check on WorkspaceONE if Privileges had been installed, if so, choose “Delete Device”
  5. Connect via Zoom, and have the user share their Desktop
  6. Request control, they would get a message asking either to open System Preferences to allow or Deny
  7. Ask the user to open System Preferences
  8. Ask the user to launch Privileges from the Applications folder and request privileges
  9. Have the user allow Accessibility for Zoom in the Privacy pane of System Preferences
  10. Take control and use Privileges to revoke privileges
  11. Put the Privileges app in the Managed Uninstalls for the device’s manifest in Munki
  12. Confirm the profiles are removed from the computer and it is unenrolled from WorkspaceONE
  13. Go to and download the profile to enroll in Mosyle
  14. Assign the device in Mosyle to the appropriate user (teacher-only and admin-only profiles will be pushed depending on who it is assigned to)
  15. Run Managed Software Centre to remove Privileges
  16. Run the Catalina stub and tell the device to install 10.15.4

While in my testing everything worked like a charm, that didn’t translate to the real world.

What Went Wrong

For about 75% of the computers everything went perfectly. For 5% of the computer, it could take anywhere from an hour to 24 hours to delete the device from WorkspaceONE. Sometimes a reboot triggered it, sometimes a it just happened when it felt like it.

After days of trying to get help from VMWare, I was finally told by the MacAdmins slack that Delete Device is not the best way to do this. What I wanted was Enterprise Wipe, which removes all traces of the MDM (in theory). To me using the word “wipe” had some bad connotations and scared me away from using it.

I tested the Enterprise Wipe function on the computer lab iMacs and it worked like a charm. It could still take anywhere from 1 hour to 24 hours, but at least the support agent that was assigned to help me1 gave me a bit less grief if I used Enterprise Wipe rather than Delete Device.

There was still the remaining 20% of devices. There seemed to be a theme between those 20%. They all had enrolled in WorkspaceONE in September 2019 and never communicated with the system again.

I was installing the WorkspaceONE agent, on the computer to get it to reestablish communications with the MDM, and that worked, but once you told it to perform an enterprise wipe, it wouldn’t wipe.

Days would go by and no Enterprise Wipe.

I Guess We’re Disabling SIP? (Temporarily)

In the end I was kinda forced to do this. I didn’t want to, but I kinda had to.

  1. Connect with the user over the phone (there will be numerous restarts so Zoom won’t work)
  2. Diable SIP
    1. Have them restart the computer holding down Command-R
    2. Click Utilities
    3. Click Terminal
    4. Type csrutil disable and return2
    5. Restart the computer (Apple menu, restart)
  3. Connect via Zoom, keep the mic off as you’re still on the phone with them, screen share and request control
  4. Launch the terminal
  5. su <<Admin User Name here>>
  6. sudo rm -rf /var/db/ConfigurationProfiles/
  7. sudo rm /Library/Keychains/apsd.keychain
  8. sudo reboot
  9. Connect via Zoom, keep the mic off as you’re still on the phone with them, screen share and request control
  10. Go into System Preferences and make sure there are no profiles
  11. Enable SIP (has to be done before enrolling in Mosyle, because Mosyle will actually install the firmware password profile)
    1. Have them restart the computer holding down Command-R
    2. Click Utilities
    3. Click Terminal
    4. Type csrutil enable and return3
    5. Restart the computer (Apple menu, restart)
  12. Connect via Zoom, keep the mic off as you’re still on the phone with them, screen share and request control
  13. Enroll in Mosyle
    1. Go to and download the profile to enroll in Mosyle
    2. Assign the device in Mosyle to the appropriate user (teacher-only and admin-only profiles will be pushed depending on who it is assigned to)

So, that was my tale. I hope it helps someone. I hope that someone at VMWare sees this and tries to figure out why their support is so bad.

  1. I don’t want to use any verbiage to imply that she did actually help me, because she didn’t. I don’t even want to suggest she tried to help me, because she didn’t. []
  2. Text this to them, so you don’t have to spell that out over the phone. []
  3. Text this to them, so you don’t have to spell that out over the phone. []

Doctor Who Serial 108 – The Horns of Nimon

Part One

“I’ll go check that the cargo is safe.” Walks into a room with 10 people scared and sitting on the floor in yellow jumpsuits, “WEAKLING SCUM.” This guy’s an asshole.

Is that Space Moses? Oy!

“You’ve been to Anith?” “Yes, but not yet.”

The Nimon is terrible! Jeezy Creezy!

Part Two

Wow, Doctor Who‘s special effects have never been good, but that spinning TARDIS bouncing off of the planetoid is incredible.

Romana! How can you lose your sonic screwdriver?

This dude is calling her a space pirate! YAR!

Wow, the centre column of the TARDIS shakes a lot when it rises and lowers.

Nice, the Doctor got to say “Take me to your leader.”

OH! The Nimon has laser horns.

Part Three

That took the Doctor and Romana way too long to think about the other sacrifices.

Nimon’s an asshole, and horrible effects.

Oh, there’s many Nimons. Nimonians. Nimonites. Nimogonians. Nom Noms.

Part Four

The Nimons might be the worst monster design in Doctor Who history. But that guy dressed as a raven is kinda amazing. That’s something I want to see celebrities wear on the red carpet, shouldn’t be day-to-day wear on a space ship.

YES! That’s quite the evil laugh. A cackle, if you will.

“How are we gonna get past them?” “Subterfuge!” YES!

I love the Nimon loin clothes. Are they that long because that’s the length of their dongs? Is that why they walk so awkwardly?

Wow, this guy is the hammiest ham in all of Hamburg.

zsh on macOS 10.15 Catalina

Back when bash was the default shell for macOS, I had updated the .bash_profile file to change the prompt on my computer. Well, that doesn’t work with zsh, it seems.

In bash, I had it set by adding this line to the ~/.bash_profile file. export PS1="\d \t \w   💩  "

Now in zsh is in the ~/.zshrc file, and just copying and pasting that into it didn’t work. It doesn’t seem to like the \ commands. Turns out that it now uses % commands, but it’s not a one to one relationship, so I thought I’d map it out to try to figure out what is what, because Googling didn’t help.

Some of these just show up a number, if you know what it is, comment below, or tweet at me, or hit me up on Slack.

%c shows the current directory (~ or Desktop)

%d shows the full path (/Users/username/Desktop)

%e is showing a 0

%h is showing a 92

%i is showing a 1

%j is showing a 0

%l is showing s003

%m and %M show the computer name

%n and %C show the current user

%t shows the current time in a 12 hour clock

%w shows the current day (Mon 28)

%x and %N show the shell (-zsh)

%y shows the session (ttys001)

%D shows the date (YY-MM-DD)

%I shows 1

%L shows 1

%S seems to have inverted the colours after it.

%T shows the time in a 24 hour clock

%U underlines the text after it

%W shows the date (MM/DD/YY)

Now I set it to export PS1="%D %t %c 💩  "

Doctor Who Serial 085 – The Seeds of Doom

Part One

Antarctic explorers found something strange.

Dunbar doesn’t like or believe the Doctor. Shouldn’t people know by now?

That guy is evil! He’s wearing black gloves, standing too straight, and his suit is impeccable. I think he’s a plant.

Oh, shit! The alien plant has its first victim.

The Doctor is such a jerk!

Uh oh! The vegetation eats the animals.

And now there are invaders.

Part Two

The strangers have a gun and are planning to steal the vegetable! I think they’re going to die.

One of them seems logical. The other seems like an asshole.

Maybe if you don’t say “an alien lifeform” with a shit-eating grin, Doctor, then maybe they will believe you.

The exterior shots are amazing.

Part Three

Sarah, put on gloves, you’re in the antarctic. #advicefromcanadians

I feel like this has just become, “Adam tweets while watching Doctor Who.”

Well, they’re back in England. People are plotting and scheming, and oh my! The Doctor and Sarah are going to be murdered. They knocked him down, and ran away. We’ve got a chase scene!

I dig the Doctor in the chauffeur’s cap and his scarf. It’s a great combo.

The Doctor just called Sarah his best friend! That’s so nice. She will refer to her companions that way again in her future incarnation.

The evil scientist, Seymour Krelborn, is an EDM musician!

Part Four

The makeup is terrible.

I really hope the plant starts singing to Seymour “Suddenly Seymour.”

OH NO! They’re going to turn the Doctor into fertilizer.

Don’t send your butler in to take care of Audrey II.

Part Five

Much like Little Shop Of Horror, Doctor Who is using a muppet to play the evil plant. The only difference is this one looks adorable.

Baker has excellent mime skills as he stabs at Audrey II.

Rich people are terrible.

Henchman is now working for the Doctor and making a molotov cocktail. “JORTLES!”

That was the least impressive molotov cocktail I’ve ever seen.

Humans being attacked by plants always leads to the best acting.

So the final episode will be the Doctor running around with planet killing chemicals.

Part Six

I thought the bad guy was a plant, but apparently he’s just a plan sympathizer? A collaborator? That makes no sense. It would’ve been better to have him tear off his face a la Mission Impossible or Scooby-Doo.

Henchman is sad, so he sacrifices himself. Death by seaweed.

And that’s a wrap on unlucky season 13. Elisabeth Sladen will soon be leaving in the middle of season 14. Don’t worry, we still have tons of Tom Baker.


A friend of mine pointed me to a podcast that was doing an episode about MySpace pages. She wanted me to submit to them about my MySpace. They never contacted me, so I thought I’d post it here.

I was never a fan of MySpace, and I refused to have a MySpace page for the longest time. I enjoy good design and MySpace was the opposite of that.

That all changed one day when I was out record shopping and found a 7″ record from Canada’s 1979 federal election.

To give you some context, Pierre Trudeau had been prime minister since 1968. Joe Clark was the leader of the now-defunct Progressive Conservative Party of Canada and leader of Her Majesty’s Loyal Opposition (basically, the largest party in Parliament who is not forming government).

Clark would go on to win the 1979 election, and only a few months later lose the confidence of the House of Commons, thus causing a snap election, which Pierre Trudeau and the Liberals would go on to win.

During the 1979 election, the PCs had a campaign song called “Let’s Get Canada Working Again” which was printed on 7″ vinyl for some odd reason.

Link on Google Drive

I found this record in my local record shop and as a huge history nerd was excited. I took it home, listened to it, laughed at how bad it was and decided now was my time to enter MySpace.

I created a MySpace account for a new band. I called them… Joe Clark and the Progressive Conservatives. Sure, not the most exciting band name, but it worked. It asked for names of the band members, so I put in all of Clark’s cabinet ministers. I’m sure we can all imagine that Flora MacDonald was obviously shredding on guitar.

I uploaded the songs.

I didn’t tell anyone I knew that I had created this account. But I decided I needed to have my top 8 friends. So who did I choose? Well obviously bands I knew and loved. It had to be Canadian bands. I think I put in Neil Young, Sloan, Leonard Cohen, and some indie bands like The Meligrove Band. I never knew if anyone actually found the page.

Fast forward to 2018, The Meligrove Band were about to release their best record onto vinyl for the first time. They decided to do a reunion/farewell show that they had never done. Toronto’s free weekly, Now Magazine, did a piece on them. 

Link to Now Magazine piece

Once we got added by a band called Joe Clark and the Progressive Conservatives. I went to their profile and it was just the music player full of the actual jingles from Joe Clark’s winning 1979 election campaign. I figured it was a young prankster from either the CBC archives or a fictional Tory youth group. Either way, those songs were awful.

I guess someone did find the page.

Recollection Volume 42 – Gaslight

Recollection is a project to review my record collection. I will listen to an album I own and review it. The album will be chosen randomly by computron 2.0. Today computron chooses…

Album: Gaslight b/w Rimb Nugget
Artist: The Ugly Ducklings
Released: 1967
Format(s) I own it on: 7″

The Ugly Ducklings were a Toronto band and Gaslight was their biggest hit. This has been sitting in my drafts folder for almost a year. I seem to do this, get stuck on a single review and not power through. Well, I’m doing it.

Gaslight is a weird song. It’s about a woman gaslighting the singer. Kinda. I think. Either way, he’s in an unhealthy relationship and needs to leave. Dear Mr. Duckling, get out of there.

Is this song worth your time? Maybe. It’s okay. It’s a decent song, but I would probably only listen to it if it can on shuffle.

As for the B-Side, well, it’s not great. It serves its purpose of being there to be a b-side, but it’s not worth anyone’s time to listen.

I DID IT! I WROTE IT! HOORAY! Now I can move on.

Next time: David Bowie’s Aladdin Sane


Men 34.295 (82%) | Women 7.705 (18%)
CD: 24 (57%) | Vinyl: 13 (31%) | Digital: 0 (0%) | 7″: 3 (7%) | Box: 1 (2%)
1960s: 6 (12%) | 1970s: 3 (7%) | 1980s: 1 (2%) | 1990s: 12 (29%) | 2000s: 17 (40%) | 2010s: 3 (7%)
Canada 14.8 (35%) | USA 17.2 (41%) | UK 8 (19%) | NZ 1 (2%) | FR 1 (2%)
Ontario 6 (40%) | Quebec 1 (7%) | Nova Scotia 4 (27%) | New Brunswick 2 (13%) | Manitoba 0 (0%) | British Columbia 1 (7%) | Prince Edward Island 0 (0%)
Saskatchewan 0 (0%) | Alberta 0 (0%) | Newfoundland and Labrador 1 (7%) | Northwest Territories 0 (0%) | Yukon 0 (0%) | Nunavut 0 (0%)