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Doctor Who Serial 085 – The Seeds of Doom

Part One

Antarctic explorers found something strange.

Dunbar doesn’t like or believe the Doctor. Shouldn’t people know by now?

That guy is evil! He’s wearing black gloves, standing too straight, and his suit is impeccable. I think he’s a plant.

Oh, shit! The alien plant has its first victim.

The Doctor is such a jerk!

Uh oh! The vegetation eats the animals.

And now there are invaders.

Part Two

The strangers have a gun and are planning to steal the vegetable! I think they’re going to die.

One of them seems logical. The other seems like an asshole.

Maybe if you don’t say “an alien lifeform” with a shit-eating grin, Doctor, then maybe they will believe you.

The exterior shots are amazing.

Part Three

Sarah, put on gloves, you’re in the antarctic. #advicefromcanadians

I feel like this has just become, “Adam tweets while watching Doctor Who.”

Well, they’re back in England. People are plotting and scheming, and oh my! The Doctor and Sarah are going to be murdered. They knocked him down, and ran away. We’ve got a chase scene!

I dig the Doctor in the chauffeur’s cap and his scarf. It’s a great combo.

The Doctor just called Sarah his best friend! That’s so nice. She will refer to her companions that way again in her future incarnation.

The evil scientist, Seymour Krelborn, is an EDM musician!

Part Four

The makeup is terrible.

I really hope the plant starts singing to Seymour “Suddenly Seymour.”

OH NO! They’re going to turn the Doctor into fertilizer.

Don’t send your butler in to take care of Audrey II.

Part Five

Much like Little Shop Of Horror, Doctor Who is using a muppet to play the evil plant. The only difference is this one looks adorable.

Baker has excellent mime skills as he stabs at Audrey II.

Rich people are terrible.

Henchman is now working for the Doctor and making a molotov cocktail. “JORTLES!”

That was the least impressive molotov cocktail I’ve ever seen.

Humans being attacked by plants always leads to the best acting.

So the final episode will be the Doctor running around with planet killing chemicals.

Part Six

I thought the bad guy was a plant, but apparently he’s just a plan sympathizer? A collaborator? That makes no sense. It would’ve been better to have him tear off his face a la Mission Impossible or Scooby-Doo.

Henchman is sad, so he sacrifices himself. Death by seaweed.

And that’s a wrap on unlucky season 13. Elisabeth Sladen will soon be leaving in the middle of season 14. Don’t worry, we still have tons of Tom Baker.

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