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Doctor Who Serial 086 – The Masque of Mandragora

Part One

It’s season 14! This is fun, we get a little tour of the TARDIS. Oh, and a new control room. Sarah found Doctor 2’s recorder! I love Doctor 2. You know you’re in the ’70s when you have a wood panelled TARDIS.

I think we’re now in the olden times… and I think there’s a Time Lord. I checked Wikipedia. It’s 15th century Europe. It didn’t say he was a time lord, and he’s removed his stupid collar, so it might not be.

Evil monks have captured Sarah, but the Doctor knows Venutian Judo, so he’s gonna kick some Monk ass… until he gets hit on the head with a rock.

The red light from earlier is now on Earth… the Doctor brough it to Earth! Stupid Doctor.

The Doctor stole that horse with gusto and it was stolen from him with gusto.

Wow, that soldier got crispy from the red light.

Nice bedsheet, Sarah! You rock it!

Part Two

Hahaha! I like Tom Baker. He’s about to get his head cut off and says, “Hold it, excuse me, I like to look my best on these occasions.” Takes off his scarf and uses it to trip the executioner before running away. This is why Tom Baker is so well loved.

Sarah’s still rocking the bedsheet. Looks like she’s going to be sacrificed by the monks. Not be confused with the Monk, the Time Lord. The monks are kinda doing the hora.

The monks’ masks remind me of Zardoz. Not sure why.

Wow, that beard.

Ooo, the duke has a companion. They look like they’re a couple.

Part Three

“Death to Julianos!”

I don’t know what’s happening, but it seems the Doctor is confused, too.

I didn’t notice before that one of the monks is in purple. He looks rather fetching.

Part Four

This is a really silly episode, but I feel a bit lost. See, it’s Friday evening after the most treacherous work week. I watched episode three at least a week ago.

That lion mask looks like it should be heavy, but doesn’t look like it weighs more than a gram.

Sarah’s hair is fantastic.



Everything’s good and the Doctor has a salami. How nice.

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