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Doctor Who Serial 087 – The Hand of Fear

Part One

That jacket looks comfy.

I know I’ve seen this one before, but none of this looks familiar.

Now I’m remembering it. The scene in the quarry is quite familiar.

That is some bad special effects. Even for Doctor Who.

I’m really liking Elisabeth Sladen as possessed Sarah. She looks good as she knocks people out with her ring.

She got into a restricted, high radiation zone really easily.

Part Two

Eldrad must live. Fuck. Eldrad is also talking to the doctor from the hospital. Eldrad must live.

That was a quick end from the dude who was a doctor from the hospital.

Sarah’s radioactive, 3.6 roentgen, not great, not terrible.

I liked evil Sarah, but I’m glad she’s back to normal.

This ring man, let’s call him Ringo, is rather obsessed with Eldrad.

Part Three

This story seems to have long “previously on” segments.

An unexplosion? Does he mean an implosion?

She’s sexy for a rock lady!

I think the Doctor is tricking Eldrad.


Part Four

This is the final episode with Sarah. Will I cry? We’ll find out. Probably not.

Oh yeah! Eldrad got shot. Poor Eldrad. Also Doctor Who needs to stop showing elevators, they look terrible, just do what Star Trek, a small room with a window hole and a moving light to show movement.

Also, Sarah’s screaming is terrible.

Eldrad’s people are going to try to kill Eldrad, but it’s not Eldrad’s people, it must be the invaders.

Oh no! Eldrad is crushed. Oh! She’s good.

How did Eldrad go from a quiet and subtle person to this annoying dude?

Uh oh, Eldrad is telling the Doctor his evil plans. Don’t do that, the Doctor will stop you.

I like that the rock peeps are all wearing kippot.

Sarah is throwing a tantrum and the Doctor doesn’t care. He should be a better friend.

The Doctor is truly abandoning her. He’s a jerk.

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