Doctor Who Story 271 – The Pyramid at the End of the World

I don’t know why this is considered a separate story from 270. It feels like the same one. But I go by wikipedia.

The Doctor being blind is not a good story. It’s very poorly done and I have no investment in it, as I know it won’t last.

The Doctor is an asshole to Nardole.

I also think they’ve overdone the President of Earth thing. It was fun with a Lethbridge-Stewart, but much less fun with the Secretary-General of the United Nations.

I thought the Americans were also there, so they have the Chinese, the Russian and the UN, as if the UN is a surrogate for America? It’s not.

Oh, there is an American there.

Something bad is going to happen to Erica.

Oh, something bad happened to the Doctor.

Doctor Who Story 270 – Extremis

Oh! Missy’s back!

I love the amount of Nardole in this episode. I don’t love much else.

Doctor Who Story 269 – Oxygen

Space, the final frontier. Final because it wants to kill us.

The Doctor.

What? What are you on? If you’re going to steal from Star Trek, don’t make a shambles of it. It’s the final frontier because it’s the last place to explore.

Well, Ivan can’t hear her, so something horrible will happen to her while the camera is on Ivan. Oh, looks like we will see it.

At least Nardole is here to travel.

Nardole saying “cuddle” as he hugs the Doctor and Bill. I really enjoy that. Also, I want a nice cuddle.

Doctor Who Story 268 – Knock Knock

Who’s there?

Creepy dude offers you to use his house… run away.

Poor guy getting killed off before the opening credits.

I wish I could have a TARDIS to help me move, but then again, I’d just have a TARDIS to live in.

Aww, he has a crush on Bill. He’s gonna be disappointed when he learns she likes ladies.

That kitchen!!

Bill calling the Doctor “grandfather” is very Susan.

Doctor Who Story 267 – Thin Ice

They reason her being black and being okay in the 19th century too easily… they did the same with Martha. As a Jew I wouldn’t want to go to 19th century England. Hell, I don’t know if I want to be in 21st century Canada. We need to progress past the racist people.

How is that a screwdriver?

Bill asks the Doctor, and she’s right.

I miss Nardole.

Why are the Doctor and Bill’s SCUBA suits not self-contained. Is the first two letters in the acronym, and it would probably make their lives easier… Also why no communication system between suits. Would be nice if they could talk to one another.

Hahaha, the Doctor says “tattoo” like Bronconius.

Doctor Who Story 266 – Smile

I’m liking Bill this time around. I think my hatred of Clara rubbed off on Bill.

“The skeleton crew.” Oh god, Doctor, that was bad.

The Doctor essentially just committed genocide… again.

Doctor Who Story 265 – The Pilot

Aww, pictures of River and Susan on his desk.

So many screwdrivers.

I love the doctor as a lecturer.

Bill’s mom is a babe!

I like the doctor’s hoodie.

She still needs a washroom.

These Daleks have terrible aim.

Doctor Who Story 264 – The Return of Doctor Mysterio

That kid is bad at fake sneezing.

Capaldi is good at hanging upside down.

I enjoy Capaldi with children.

Nice reference to Siegel and Shuster.

Didn’t Nardole get decapitated? He reminds me of Otis.

There’s a lot about this that reminds me of the 1978 Superman, and I fully encourage that.

I forgot how much I enjoyed this episode.

Oh, there we go, Capaldi glued his head back on.

Doctor Who Story xx – Class

For Tonight We Might Die

I watched the pilot when this first came out and hated it, here’s hoping the show is better than I remember.

Well, I don’t like the rotating camera.

That cop is bad at his job. ACAB.

That girl looks like Charolette Ritchie. I wish it were. I’ve been watching too much Feel Good and Taskmaster.

The coach is an asshole.

Hahaha, I thought the alien with the gun was Jodie Whittaker.

It’s an alien society, let’s imagine it to look like a school.

If the Doctor saved them, and brought them to Earth, and Capaldi is in the episode, why not show him.

We could use more Doctor in this story.

Their Zoom/Skype/whatever doesn’t show the self-view. It seems weird.

Doctor Who has done the whole shadows thing before.

He was more than happy to kill his henchmen, why won’t he kill the big baddy?

But it doesn’t matter how bright the lights are, there will still be shadows. The sun is brighter than those gym lights. There are still shadows. If you don’t want shadows, turn off all lights. Absolutely darkness.

Nice to see his new sonic screwdriver in use.

They could have made William Russell the lead in this show. I want to know what Chesterfield is up to.

Okay, so the blood. So much blood. In the next week trailer. Should someone not be fired? Like Chesterton? He can’t seriously continue as the headmaster with all that death.

The Coach with the Dragon Tattoo

Wow, poor Ram. He’s obviously injured and the coach is an asshole to him.

Well, that was excessively violent. Why did they put Capaldi in this if they were afraid to put Tennant in Torchwood? This is much more violent and adult than Torchwood, definitely not appropriate for children to watch.

Why is the coach naked anywhere near the students? He shouldn’t even be topless around the kids.

Okay, this is grossly violent.


Well this is really sad. They better not be having her dad haunt her, with the name of the episode.

Yup, that’s exactly what they did.

Alien invasion or teen angst?

Asks the teacher/alien, and I love it.

Did this really happen?

Teacher/alien asks while reading “the Hunger Games”

This episode is quite boring.

Why did she need to jerk the wheel of the buss like that, she wasn’t turning.

The teacher/alien is the best part of this show.

Co-Owner of a Lonely Heart

We’re only four episodes in and they’re already bringing back the Shadow Kin?

Okay, I change my mind, I’m enjoying this Shadow Kin episode.

Brave-ish Heart

So who is the red dressed lady?


Do British people use keys that look like that?

This is a boring bottle episode.

Oh no! Love is my only weakness!

The Metaphysical Engine, or What Quill Did

Quill is so rude, and I love her. Definitely the best character.

Are they ever going to tell us who the head teacher is?

That looks like a TARDIS.

So she boned the dude? And here I thought she was into the head teacher.

The Lost

Well, I wasn’t expecting them to kill Ram’s dad. I was expecting the Shadow Kin to return.

Oh, wow, killing all the parents.

We’re figuring out what the head teacher is.

How is she so in favour of genocide?

Welp, it is genocide. Doctor Who loves talking about genocide, probably because it’s written by a bunch of white dudes.

Doctor Who Story 263 – The Husbands of River Song

Really? Humans are still celebrating Christmas in the 54th century? I hate Doctor Who some times.

Also, hi Nardol!

The Doctor being playful to River is fun.

River Song is married to the Taskmaster?

I miss Taskmaster, maybe season 12 will be soon.

Her new husband is cute.

The Doctor being shocked by the TARDIS is so great.

Close the door behind you.

Aww, it’s David Tennant’s sonic screwdriver. :(