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Doctor Who Story 285 – It Takes You Away

Eating soil? Who does she think she is? Constable Benton Frasier? Don’t call her “sweetheart,” Yas! I remember liking this episode. I don’t like Ryan in this episode. Aww Ryan, now I’m happy with you, calling Graham “granddad.” <3

Doctor Who Story 284 – The Witchfinders

Witches! Who is the one running the witch trial. Oh, she was in Happy Valley. That show was both amazing and brutally horrible. Apparently Alan Cumming is in this episode, too. They’ve had tons of celebs during Whittaker’s first season. If those two and all the Taskmaster contestants are celebs. I want Alan Cumming as king. Alan Cumming is playing him queer, over the top queer. Apparently it’s theorized he was according to wikipedia. The Doctor is kind of a witch. This story is horrible, but Alan Cumming is great in it. “It’s a very flat team structure.” I really like that. I really wish Doctor Who was that before… Read More »Doctor Who Story 284 – The Witchfinders

Doctor Who Story 283 – Kerblam!

This might be commentary on Amazon. I do enjoy the fez call back. Oh, it’s Lee Mack. Another Taskmaster contestant. The difference is that I knew him before Taskmaster and before his appearance in this episode. “Never climb on the conveyers” sounds like that’s going to come up later. Forcing people to work because unemployment is so high is stupid. Just tax the asses out of corporations and let people enjoy a leisure life. Hahahaha, Lee Mack is doing his usually comedy even in character. Capitalism is bad when people are killing to get jobs. Charlie’s a dummy.

Doctor Who Story 282 – Demons of the Punjab

The grandmother giving her kids presents on her birthday. It’s really nice. I am quite enjoying this episode. I don’t know enough about the partition of Pakistan and India. It’s nice to have a silly show to give us a big of educational content. She’s a bit too sonic heavy. She could just use a keyboard. The Henna is making me think of someone who used to do henna based work. I doubt Einstein had a non-denominational wedding. The brother is an asshole. I like that the bad guys aren’t bad guys. They’re just here to observe, and the brother is the actual bad guy. Humans are so much worse… Read More »Doctor Who Story 282 – Demons of the Punjab

Doctor Who Story 281 – The Tsuranga Conundrum

I do wish they had teasers, I like the teaser fading into the opening credits. Oh, it’s Roy from Ted Lasso! Oh, it’s Doc Brown from Taskmaster! The Doctor really is being a selfish ass, but unlike previous Doctors she sees it, and adjusts her actions. The Pting is adorable.

Doctor Who Story 280 – Arachnids in the UK

The more I hear the revised theme, the more I like it. It’s still not as good as Delia Derbyshire’s version. Poor Graham, no time to grieve. I don’t love this spider story and I really wish it was more focused on Graham and Ryan. Mee-thane! I do enjoy that every American in Doctor Who is an egotistical asshole. They’re all Donald Trump.

Doctor Who Story 279 – Rosa

I don’t remember this episode being good. I do remember it being good for children learning about the battle for civil rights in American history. Holy fuck, this is first episode of Doctor Who ever written by a person of colour. That is really terrible. At least for once they don’t have the Doctor brushing off racism in the past like she did with Martha and Bill. Why did they go to the hotel when they could have gotten in the TARDIS. Close the curtains! Ryan being starstruck by Dr. King is great. It’s Rosa, not Roser. The episode was better than I remember. White supremacists with time travel is… Read More »Doctor Who Story 279 – Rosa

Doctor Who Story 278 – The Ghost Monument

The opening credits are so much better in this season. Capaldi’s looked like a shitty cartoon from the early aughts. Didn’t Capaldi go blind from being out in the vacuum of space? Apparently the place is called Desolation. Hahahaha, I love that people keep implanting them all. Jodie Whittaker is great as the Doctor. She’s fun. Why is she surprised the TARDIS isn’t there? She knew it was phasing in and out. I like how the entrance of the TARDIS is the depth of the police box. It’s too dark inside the TARDIS.

Doctor Who Story 277 – The Woman Who Fell to Earth

I love that this opens with Ryan’s absolutely for grandmother. Now I don’t know why he’s practising riding his bike on top of a cliff. That seems like a bad idea. Also on grass is a bad idea. Pavement is much smoother. I love Grace and wish she were a regular, but I get that her death is a bonding point between the two men who love her, Graham and Ryan. How did she survive that fall? We’re calling you “Yas” because we’re friends now. The Doctor to Yas. I really dig how Whittaker’s Doctor loves her companions as friends. Whittaker looks so good in Capaldi’s clothes. New sonic screwdriver.… Read More »Doctor Who Story 277 – The Woman Who Fell to Earth

Doctor Who Story 276 – Twice Upon a Time

The 709 episodes ago is great. I love old sexist Doctor. “You may speak with her again,” and I really hope it’s Susan, but it’s Bill. No one needs Bill. She’s okay, but Susan would be better. I really wish it was Susan. The Doctor love Susan. That ship of his is in need of a good deep clean. The Doctor Hartnell with a gay woman companion is wonderful. What you need is a jolly good smacked bottom! The Doctor to Bill (or Susan) Mycroft’s Hitler haircut is terrible. Well, no one should have a Hitler haircut, even if they are 20 years too early for Hitler. What a jackass.… Read More »Doctor Who Story 276 – Twice Upon a Time