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Doctor Who Story xx – K-9 (as much as I could find)

Apparently Australia made a K-9 show. They redesigned K-9 and he looks horrible. I’m afraid, but HERE WE GO! I hope the theme is as good as K-9 and Company.

Well, I pressed play, and it is not.


Apparently this takes place in 2050.


Close the door behind you.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles!

K-9 is adorable.

The professor has a condition and can’t leave his house? And he’s played by a Canadian? Why didn’t they get Don McKellar to play this character?

Curtis from Twitch City

The floating regenerated K-9 is terrible. He looks like a cartoon.

They should bath Richard Starkey so he doesn’t smell for the Ninja Turtles.

That felt like a very abrupt ending.

“The dark ages, London 2010.” You’re off by 10 years.


Ahh, a moving photo of a woman giggling, seems like RoboCop.

I don’t get what Ringo is doing to the fence post to free London from fascist overlords.

The Korven

The animation is horrible.

Gryffen has a lovely house.

Not a boy.

The Bounty Hunter

Okay, this is so bad. I can’t do this. I’m going to, instead disperse it amongst some other content, so I’m not watching a full season of this garbage.

The way this show is edited, makes me feel like none of it was shot at the same time. Especially Darius’ lines.

Sirens of Ceres

Police violence is apparently what Ringo is fighting, but all he does is shoot video. He has a doggy with lasers.

Zoom education is apparently still a thing in 30 years.

Fear Itself

I don’t understand the point of Darius. He’s just an asshole, is rude to everyone, at first I thought he was just protective of the wacky professor, but he hates him, too.

Fall of the House of Gryffen

Oh, that’s harsh K-9!

Jaws of Orthrus

So much totalitarianism in the UK in 2050.

When you delete an app on your computer, why would it also delete an hour of logs at the same time? That seems like a bad idea. Maybe you want logs as to why something was deleted?

“Don’t you think he’d have a different number, like K-10?” Then it’s not a pun.


The dream in a dream was terrible.

There was a clown horn and all I can think about is Tig Notaro.

You have to wear a tinfoil hat, or if you’re a girl, tinfoil dreads.

I got the electric sheep thing.

Curse of Anubis

Wow, the British really hate aliens.

Hahaha! The Egyptian aliens bowing to K-9.

Darius, read the room. Hostile aliens are giving w to K-9, maybe don’t mock him and the aliens.


People should believe their friends.

Alien Avatar

Didn’t we have an episode where they said people don’t listen to music anymore, and yet there she is listening to music on her iPod and singing along.

And yet they have ballet, I’m confused by future London.


There’s no music, but this kid is playing an electric guitar. Also, it’s making me hate Darius more. I also really hate Jorjie.

Well, now I feel bad for hating Jorjie, she’s dying under a collapsed ceiling.

Oh god, Darius and Jorjie are hooking up.

Is that alien dressed as Prince? Ƭ̵̬̊

“What is love?

Well, that’s done. Praise be!

Doctor Who Story 212 – The Pandorica Opens/The Big Bang

The Pandorica Opens

River! Yay! Didn’t think I’ve see Liz X again.

I like River as Cleopatra.

Yar, there be Cybermen!

It’s Rory! Because obviously it is, because Doctor Who can’t keep anyone dead.

Their deus ex machina of Rory’s appearance is horrible and lazy. But I’m glad he’s back.

Amy’s happy to see her dead fiancé, who she forgot about.

Why doesn’t River know who Rory is? It’s her dad, she set them up as Mel.

The Big Bang

Oh it’s wee Amelia Pond!

Oh, the Doctor’s wearing a fez.

I forgot Amy was dead, and I only watched part one a few hours ago.

Rory waiting 2000 years with Amy in a box is ridiculous.

This is a fun romp, even if the story is terrible.

The Dalek begging for mercy is great.

Big ole’ reset button! That’s some great writing there, Moffat.

Awww, Amy and Rory’s daughter is at their wedding.

Mr. Pond!

Dancing floppy Doctor is the best.

Doctor Who Story 211 – The Lodger

I love this episode.

A guy who never wants to go anywhere, huh?

Curtis from Twitch City

I love so much how silly Matt Smith is in this episode. His body work is fantastic.

The head bang is one of the best moments in all Doctor Who history

The cheek kisses!

The back of his soccer costume is 11!

Doctor Who Story 210 – Vincent and the Doctor

Well, I guess I’m going to be crying soon. This is one of my favourite Doctor Who episodes.

The Doctor assuming the monster is evil by only seeing its face is not cool. Not cool, Doc.

I like Vincent and Amy flirting.

Doctor Who rarely discusses depression, rightfully so, it is a kids’ show, but maybe they should more?

The echoing of Vincent Van Gogh’s depression with Amy’s sadness over the loss of Rory is excellent.

“I’m not the marrying type.”

Doctor Who Story 209 – The Hungry Earth/Cold Blood

The Hungry Earth

Doctor Who loves stories about digging holes.

Someone saying “None of your business” to the Doctor who just wanders in asking random questions.

I like that this episode takes place in the past, but it’s 10 years in the future for Rory and Amy.

I like people kissing, but don’t kiss your coworkers.

Cold Blood

I forgot all about Rory being shot. I remember that he disappeared in the crack in the wall, but I forgot about him being shot. Amy forgetting Rory is horrible.

So much about this episode I really love, but it doesn’t come together as a memorable episode. It’s about Humanity’s worst, and it’s about Humanity’s best. It promises a possible fantastic empire for Humanity and the Silurians living and sharing on Earth. Both sides had someone who was hopeful and striving for a peace, and both sides had someone who was willing to kill for their side. I don’t actually know what is wrong with the episode, and why it just doesn’t work, but it doesn’t. I really wish I could articulate it better.

Doctor Who Story 208 – Amy’s Choice

“Five years later and you haven’t changed a bit, except for aging.” Rory needs to cut off that ponytail.

Wow, that was terrible.

Doctor Who Story 207 – The Vampires of Venice

Rory is wearing a stupid tshirt from his bachelor party. I recently walked by a woman wearing a shirt that says “I Do Team” or something like that. Made me think how horrible our society is that we make clothing for one wear only.

HAHAHA! The Doctor, the cake, telling Rory that Amy tried to kiss him, and he’s a lucky man, she’s a great kisser. I love this show so much.

Oh great a plague episode. It’s more fun when we’re in a plague ourselves.

Amy’s a bit mean to Rory.

My wife makes a good point. Amy is a stripper, so Rory should be less nervous about a stripper jumping out of a cake at his bachelor party.

Why are you scared of heights if you can jump out of a spaceship, crash through a skylight and just stand right back up?

Those children, eating their mother. How rude!

Doctor Who Story 206 – The Time of Angels/Flesh and Stone

The Time of Angels

River’s great.

Sulky Doctor because River is better than him is great.

I forgot how great this episode was because I was focused on how bad the story is.

See, and the video clip moving is dumb, but the interactions between the Doctor and Amy, River and the Doctor, Amy and River are all so good.

The Doctor is on Virginia Woolf’s bowling team? Hmm, she died in 1941, a lot later than I would have thought.

Amy’s hand turning to stone. Is that a reference to the Pompeii episode she was in?

The best part of this story is truly the relationship of those three characters. I love it so much.

Flesh and Stone

The forrest is fun. I want a tree-borg.

Did Alex Kingston know that Amy is River’s mum, yet? Did Moffatt?

The Doctor is such an idiot, and I love it.


Doctor Who Story 205 – Victory of the Daleks

That’s not John Lithgow.

“Would you care for some tea?”

Once again Amy is proving herself to be more intelligent than any previous Nu Who companions.

The British bombers in space yelling “tally ho” is amazing. This is the most British show there is.

What’s the translation of rels to seconds? This is why Google exists. “A rel was approximately 1.2 seconds.”

Amy really shines through in this episode. It’s really obvious why she’s my favourite companion of the modern era.

Here’s some more Lithgow.

Doctor Who Story 204 – The Beast Below

What adult doesn’t think this education system is creepy as fuck?

The Doctor is such a liar, but I like this intro to adventures with him.

I’ve never loved this episode, but I certainly love Matt Smith and Karen Gillan.

The Doctor pushing off that he’s the last of his species with, “Long day, bad day” is prefect.

Close your mouths!

They always went on about how Rose was brilliant, but I think they show Amy’s smarts.