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Doctor Who Story xx – Farewell, Sarah Jane & Daleks!

Farewell, Sarah Jane

Oh, this is a story! It’s about Sarah Jane, not Elisabeth.

Apparently every companion came to her service.

Haha! Random tricker plot as a side note.

This is nicer than I expected.


Clive’s grown up!

Aww, Luke has a picture of him with him mum framed.

They keep saying him about the Doctor, she’s a she.

The Archive of Islos

Well, the animation is shit, and it looks more like Star Wars than Doctor Who.

Why does that space Dalek have a hullahoop around it?

Do you wish to apply for a membership card?

Robot to Dalek

So far only Daleks and Robots have spoken, and if this series continues like this, I will hate it.

The way Daleks move on the spot when chatting is reminding me of a a little kid who needs to pee.

There’s a lot of long silences for a 14 minute episode.

The Sentinel of the Fifth Galaxy

The green blob is after the Daleks. Now it feels like original Star Trek. That would be better.

Now I want to write comedy shows where we just replace the audio from animated Star Trek.

Oh shit, Green Blob is massacring Skaro.

It must be Fun to voice the DaLEKKKKS! So much UPTAAAALK!

It’s Dalek Stonehenge. Perhaps the most famous of the henges.

That’s some heavy Dalek on Dalek action.

Green Blob is still after them.

Planet of the Mechanoids

More robots. So many robots in this show talking to one another.

Really? These Daleks can’t wait five minutes?

The Deadly Ally

Green blobs are coming for you.

Why do Daleks go extinct so often?

Do you think the Mechanoids will kill the two remaining Daleks? Find out next time on, Daleks!

Day of Reckoning

So the Doctor is not there because she’s not involved in every aspect of Dalek history. However, she is immortal, has lived more lives than the 13 we know. So on a large enough timescale, the Doctor will be there for every instance of Dalek history.

If the Mechanoids really wanted to make the Daleks extinct, they should have just killed them while they were on their planet.

See, now there’s all these other Daleks, that was just stupid.

Shoot the emperor!

The animation is garbage.

So, that was a thing. I don’t recommend watching it.

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