Doctor Who Serial 111 – Full Circle

Part One

Apparently it’s Adric’s first episode. I don’t know if that’s a good thing. Let’s find out.

Who blocked this shot? The Doctor is having a conversation with K9 and he’s hidden.

I like that Romana wants to stay on the TARDIS, but the Doctor should help her.

As those people stacking watermelons? Are they fishing for watermelons? Or is that squash? Yes, definitely squash.

Doctor Who‘s incidental music is some of the worst incidental music.

Part Two

This episode is very boring.

That dude looks like Peter Davison.

Part Three

Oh, the squash is an egg for terrible arachnid puppets. Oh no! They’re attacking Romana!

This set is really claustrophobic. You should at least be able to walk two-abreast.

Have you accused us of willful procrastination? HOW DARE YOU???

Romana, how dare you open the door?

Part Four

Zombie Romana likes the TARDIS.

“Doctor look out!” He looks at the person shouting, and Zombie Romana stops and waits for him.

Doctor Who Serial 110 – Meglos

Part One

The first few minutes of this, I don’t feel like Romana and the Doctor are equals. She needs the Doctor to fix K9, but I think she should be able to do that.

That dude’s wig is poorly fitted.

Aww, someone likes the Doctor and WANTS him to visit.

I think I could do a better green screen than the Doctor Who crew, and trust me, I can’t do one.

So Meglos is a sentient cactus. At least it’s not a man in a rubber suit.1

The cactus put his mind into the nerd.

Finally Romana is trying to fix K9.

My video failed exactly at the start of the loop that Meglos put the Doctor in. So I thought it broke again when the episode looped. apparently the loop is a chronic hysterectomy?

Part Two

I had to Google what was happening, it didn’t make sense that Meglos is pretending to be the Doctor.

The Doctor leaves his TARDIS door ajar a bit too often.

Part Three

“She’s seen too much, kill her!”

Why is it hard to navigate on a planet that rotates “anti-clockwise?” Also rotation is different from your point of view. Earth rotates counterclockwise from the point of view above the north pole, but clockwise from the view above the south pole.

Part Four

“Thanks be to Tigh”

Haha, the disarming of that assassin was the most ridiculous thing. They could have had drama, instead a dude kicks the gun out of his hand, and then just stands there, bored.

  1. Their men in a rubber suit are never as exciting as one would hope. []

Doctor Who Serial 109 – The Leisure Hive

Part One

I’m so excited. John Leeson is back as K9.

Oh shit, this is when the credits got super ’80s, and it looks like John Nathan-Turner is now the show runner until cancellation.

Wait! K9 can literally explode with contact with water? That seems… stupid.

Wow, the production seems like a night and day difference. And the music is garbage.

It is nice to be brought into a board meeting. Those are fun at work, I just love them in my sci-fi.

So they bring us into a board meeting where one decision was made, then the next scene, the exact opposite opinion is decided.

Oh, the first appearance of lapel question marks. The ’80s really were such a bad idea.

Part Two

That’s a big lizard hand.

Hey Lizard! You don’t go around crushing peoples’ glasses!

Part Three

Let’s keep the Tom Baker train going! We’re nearly at the end. Gotta turn down the volume, as the Mrs. is in the next room doing a homework video chat.

Tom Baker’s old man makeup is actually decent.

Part Four

“I love that the weird alien costumes, the non-humanoids, is something I could make.” My wife

“Don’t cross your bridges before they’re hatched.” – The Doctor

That helmet looks like a… helmet.

Doctor Who Serial X – Shada

Part One

Wow, this opening is wonderful. “SHADA!” I’ve never seen “Shada” before, so this should be a romp, or it will be terrible. Tom is having a ridiculous soliloquy. I wonder how much of this is going to be Tom Baker talking to himself.

Oh, we get opening credits!

Sleeping with your buddies is fun… More fun when you’re all sleeping around a ball on a glowing pyramid.

Is that Robert Webb? That dude looks a lot like Robert Webb. OH MY GOD! EVERYONE OTHER THAN ROBERT WEBB IS DOING A LITTLE SEAT DANCE!

Professor Chronotis? I’m guessing this guy is a time traveller.

He pulls a book fresh out of a bag from purchasing it, and starts it in the middle? It’s HG Wells’ The Time Machine. So he’s obviously a time traveller.

Damn, Robert Webb. I love your outfit!

There’s a LOT more footage than I expected. Tom Baker just had a quick interjection and it was his first one in 13 minutes.

I want Robert Webb’s outfit, SO MUCH!

Romana just said “I had it when I was a Time Tot.” Time Tot!!!! Why hasn’t NuWho ever used that phrase?

Part Two

I’m now learning that there’s a newer animated reconstruction.

“What’s that thing you strain ice with?” Why would you strain ice? Is he being eccentric or is the past weird?

OH NO! He has a bag of ball!

Beware the spheres! The Toclafane?

“You will give me everything in your mind”

The sphere is chasing the Doctor. This show really loves extremely slow chases.

Part Three

British guy fishing seems to be the most British a fisher could possibly be.

If you knock and no one answers, you don’t just go in. C’mon lady, he could be in the buff.

It’s a cloaked Klingon Bird of Prey. Captain Kirk and co. stole it, brought it back to the 20th century, parked it, and are out looking for new whales.

Yikes, that might be the worst chromakey I’ve ever seen.

“I let the sphere believe I was stupid.” That is total Doctor Who, fool electronics by pretending to be dumb.

Part Four

Let’s keep this going! This is gonna be great!

There’s too much exposition provided by Tom Baker to make this interesting to watch, but finally we have an actual scene. They’re using the sphere to read the Doctor’s mind again? This is what’s wrong with classic Who. They try a plot point and then do it again, because the stories are just plainly too long.

Part Five

I sometimes watch Doctor Who and wonder why they’re doing something and what they’re trying to achieve, and not sure if the actors or screenwriters even know. Like the opening scene, the Doctor is falling towards the monster, it swings its arm and attacks the Doctor in slow motion. Why was the Doctor going to get in position to be hit? What were the stage directions?

I forgot Robert Webb was in this.

None of my Doctor Who blog posts make any sense whatsoever.

Director: Okay, I want you to exit this room in such a way that is extremely awkward. Make sure that you don’t show what’s behind the door.

Part Six

“I burst through the nearest door.” He really did burst through that door. Good describing, Tom Baker.

This episode has a lot more narration than the rest of the serial, but that’s not surprising.

I love Douglas Adams, but he was wrong to think that watching two people try to hold levers is interesting.

FileMaker Export to Tab Delimited

I want to export a table to a tab delimited text file1.

FileMaker supports that without any question. What it doesn’t do is create a header row.

I’m using this file to import into PickATime, a software designed to book parent-teacher conferences. I want to automate this as much as possible. So how do I get the header rows that are required?

In FileMaker my field might be called OpenApplyID, whereas PickATime requires the field to be called StudentID. So I can’t just take those field titles.

There’s new script steps in FileMaker 18 that will let me do this.


Go to Layout [ “StudentContacts” (StudentContacts) ] 
Show All Records
Set Variable [ $path; Value:"filemac:/Macintosh HD/Users/USERFOLDER/Downloads/" & Year ( Get ( CurrentDate ) ) & Month ( Get (CurrentDate ) ) & Day ( Get (CurrentDate ) ) &" - " & "PAT_Students.txt" ] 
Export Records [ File Name: “$path”; Create folders:No; Character Set: “Unicode (UTF-8)”; Field Order: StudentContacts:: OpenApply_id 
 StudentContacts::first_name StudentContacts::last_name StudentContacts::birthday ] [ No dialog ] 
Set Variable [ $additionalText; Value:"StudentID<tab>First<tab>Last<tab>SecurityValue"]
Open Data File [ “$path” ; Target: $dataFile ]
Write to Data File [ File ID: $dataFile ; Data source: $additionalText ; Write as: UTF-8 ; Append line feed: On ] 
Close Data File [ File ID: $dataFile ] 


First go to to the student contacts and show all of the kids. I tell it where I want to save the file.

Then it exports the records.

I create a variable called $additionalText in which I want to store the contents of the first row2.

Then we open the file

Write $additionalText to the file.

Then Close the file.


Usually I’d do filemac:../Downloads and not have the absolute path, so it will work on other computers. For some odd reason when I do the relative path, it fucks up when I try to write to data file.

It puts a spare blank line in the file, but that works.

  1. That’s a text file which is like a spreadsheet where you have a tab separating columns and line separating rows, you can open them in Excel. []
  2. WordPress doesn’t like the tabs, so I had to replace them with <tab> []

Doctor Who Serial 108 – The Horns of Nimon

Part One

“I’ll go check that the cargo is safe.” Walks into a room with 10 people scared and sitting on the floor in yellow jumpsuits, “WEAKLING SCUM.” This guy’s an asshole.

Is that Space Moses? Oy!

“You’ve been to Anith?” “Yes, but not yet.”

The Nimon is terrible! Jeezy Creezy!

Part Two

Wow, Doctor Who‘s special effects have never been good, but that spinning TARDIS bouncing off of the planetoid is incredible.

Romana! How can you lose your sonic screwdriver?

This dude is calling her a space pirate! YAR!

Wow, the centre column of the TARDIS shakes a lot when it rises and lowers.

Nice, the Doctor got to say “Take me to your leader.”

OH! The Nimon has laser horns.

Part Three

That took the Doctor and Romana way too long to think about the other sacrifices.

Nimon’s an asshole, and horrible effects.

Oh, there’s many Nimons. Nimonians. Nimonites. Nimogonians. Nom Noms.

Part Four

The Nimons might be the worst monster design in Doctor Who history. But that guy dressed as a raven is kinda amazing. That’s something I want to see celebrities wear on the red carpet, shouldn’t be day-to-day wear on a space ship.

YES! That’s quite the evil laugh. A cackle, if you will.

“How are we gonna get past them?” “Subterfuge!” YES!

I love the Nimon loin clothes. Are they that long because that’s the length of their dongs? Is that why they walk so awkwardly?

Wow, this guy is the hammiest ham in all of Hamburg.

Doctor Who Serial 107 – Nightmare of Eden

Part One

I’m loving this jaunty tune, perhaps the best piece of soundtrack from Doctor Who.

That co-pilot is an asshole. Thank farts the Doctor just arrived. I forgot that K9’s voice is wrong. It’s been some time since I watched some classic Doctor Who. Took November and December off from Doctor Who, it was well needed.

Uh oh, the Doctor chose a bad cover.

Co-pilot is a drug-runner!

Part Two

They really need to work on their monsters. These are so ridiculously bad.

Wait! Is the Doctor chasing an Elvis impersonator? Shit, I think he is. It’s a train full of Elvis impersonators!

The cops fell for the oldest trick in the book!

Part Three

I get to watch the cops falling for the oldest trick in the book again. It’s just as enjoyable the second time.

The piano soundtrack, however, is less enjoyable. It feels like an old silent movie.

That plant looks like a vulva.

I like the Roger McGuinn sunglasses that the scientist wears. He’s less cool than Roger McGuinn.

If an actor flubs their line, do another take, c’mon Doctor Who!

“It’s a perfectly ordinary electric dog.”

“If you see the Doctor, or his lady companion, kill them!” LADY COMPANION!

Part Four

Romana’s a naughty bitch. She’s gonna touch the controls, even if the copper is telling her not to.

K9 referring to the Doctor as “the Master” is confusing. They have another character named the Master!

The companion of the scientist reminds me of Ace.

Is anyone else watching Little America on AppleTV+? It’s quite good. Only two episodes in so far.

I didn’t notice how many sequins the cops are wearing.

The Mandrels are adorable!!

The Doctor is the pied piper of Mandrels.

zsh on macOS 10.15 Catalina

Back when bash was the default shell for macOS, I had updated the .bash_profile file to change the prompt on my computer. Well, that doesn’t work with zsh, it seems.

In bash, I had it set by adding this line to the ~/.bash_profile file. export PS1="\d \t \w   💩  "

Now in zsh is in the ~/.zshrc file, and just copying and pasting that into it didn’t work. It doesn’t seem to like the \ commands. Turns out that it now uses % commands, but it’s not a one to one relationship, so I thought I’d map it out to try to figure out what is what, because Googling didn’t help.

Some of these just show up a number, if you know what it is, comment below, or tweet at me, or hit me up on Slack.

%c shows the current directory (~ or Desktop)

%d shows the full path (/Users/username/Desktop)

%e is showing a 0

%h is showing a 92

%i is showing a 1

%j is showing a 0

%l is showing s003

%m and %M show the computer name

%n and %C show the current user

%t shows the current time in a 12 hour clock

%w shows the current day (Mon 28)

%x and %N show the shell (-zsh)

%y shows the session (ttys001)

%D shows the date (YY-MM-DD)

%I shows 1

%L shows 1

%S seems to have inverted the colours after it.

%T shows the time in a 24 hour clock

%U underlines the text after it

%W shows the date (MM/DD/YY)

Now I set it to export PS1="%D %t %c 💩  "

Doctor Who Serial 106 – The Creature from the Pit

Part One

Yes! Ritualistic murder.

K9’s voice is horrible.

I like Romana being his “Commander.” Yes, ma’am!

Aww, their murder is done by democracy.

I like the engineers.

Part Two

I like the pet plants attacking K9.

Hahaha, the Doctor pulling out a book on climbing Everest, it being in Tibet, then pulling out a book to teach yourself Tibetan… all while hanging on a cliff-face. That might be the best joke in the series so far… all 17 seasons.

So much slapping in this season of Doctor Who.

The creature from the pit looks like a penis.

I like the Nostradamus hanging out in the pit.

I expected her to shout “Tin dog! Bad boy!”

K9’s new voice actor always sounds really sad. He’s not Marvin.

Hi-ho, hi-ho, into the pit we go…

Part Three

Aww the Doctor is communicating telepathically with the penis puppet. Now he’s putting the penis part of the puppet in his mouth and shouting “I am friend.”

Part Four

The lady is terrible! She’s cruel.

Death by weed.

Haha! He said aluminum is the silly British way.

I think I need a Doctor Who break, so I’m going to binge BoJack Horseman season 6 part one before I watch some more.

Doctor Who Serial 105 – City of Death

Part One

They’re doing some really loud construction in my building at 8am. They didn’t tell us about this. This is annoying. It’s my day off. Ugh.

This alien is made up of a pile of worms, I think.

This ad for Paris seems a bit weird. Also, the Doctor and Romana need to stop jaywalking.

They’re in a time loop.

This is probably the most expensive Doctor Who episode until the 1990s.

There’s gonna be a heist.

I don’t know what the professor’s accident is supposed to be, but he sounds like Natasha from Rocky & Bullwinkle. “Moose and squirrel.”

That shot through the postcard stand is the most inventive camera work in Doctor Who history, and it could’ve worked if the stand didn’t wobble, but it is Doctor Who.

Oh yeah! I’m right. It’s a heist.

Part Two

Yay! Wormface’s Human mask is incredible.

Mmm, chicken.

They’re deflecting the laser beams, and by doing that, interrupting them with the wall. Yet it doesn’t set off the alarm.

Boom! He’s a time traveler!

Part Three

I love villains who provide exposition before killing the hero.

I love the Doctor mesmerizing the guard with a polaroid picture. Though the tap on the chin is confusing. How did that knock the guy out?

Nice kimono.

This is the most melodramatic that Doctor Who has ever been.

I feel like Romana is forgotten in this story.

Part Four

We have to watch the professor’s death again. It was so long and bad.

So wormface married a human face.

What a fantastic show of love, you give your wife a bracelet that lets you murder her.

Hello John Cleese! That was lovely.