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Doctor Who Story 275 – World Enough and Time/The Doctor Falls

World Enough and Time

Oh, we’re already starting with the regeneration? We’re three episodes away. He’s gonna be a woman.

I love Missy.

Well, I am that mysterious adventurer in all of time and space, known only as Doctor Who. And these are my disposables, Exposition and Comic Relief. 


Oh, you’re blue. Nice. I should go back to blue.


I wonder if he’s actually “Doctor Who” and I really hope he is.

Aww, Bill has a hole in herself.

Cybermen! Old-school Cybermen!

Woo! Time dilation!

Pain. Pain. Pain. Pain.

Razor is great. Is that John Simm playing him? I can’t tell, I’m reluctant to say I have face blindness, but I definitely don’t recognize people on television if they go from blonde to brunette. I think it is, mostly because of his voice.

And there’s Master music… why didn’t I guess he was John Simm when I watched this the first time.

Yeah, it’s totally John Simm.

It’s burglarring mask.

The Master

I want more of Nardole and Missy. I think Nardole might be the best companion of the modern Who era. He’s up there with Amy and Rory.

Give us a kiss.

The Master to Missy

The Doctor Falls

So is Bill the first proper Mondasian Cyberman? I inferred that she was the first one to get her emotions blocked, but then again, they could have been doing that before and she just hadn’t encountered those Cybermen, yet.

It’s interesting that Cybermen are only able to stop their conversion and access their individuality when they love the Doctor.

At least Bill gets to do some acting, even though she’s Cybered.

The look of the old-school Cybermen looks really good modernized.

I want the Masters to make out.

The Doctor caught up at the centre of that explosion, why is his skin not burnt and falling off? I don’t actually want to see that.

I’m going to miss Nardole.

How is Billbot Baggins still alive?

Billbot Baggins

I think that might be my crowning achievement for this blog.

Hey it’s liquid lady.

Now it’s Liquid Bill.

Oh, liquid lady put him in the TARDIS… that’s where he likes to regenerate.

I’m the pilot, I can fly anything, even you.


I like that Bill is leaving of her own free will, and off for a fun adventure that doesn’t require her death, but it’s wrong to just leave the Doctor’s corpse. She doesn’t really understand regeneration.

Aww, “I don’t want to go…” again. Why did they only show modern Who companions? I want to see Jamie, and they’re off to meet Hartnell, so where are Ian, Barbara and Susan?

It’s fake Hartnell!

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