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Doctor Who Story 276 – Twice Upon a Time

The 709 episodes ago is great.

I love old sexist Doctor.

“You may speak with her again,” and I really hope it’s Susan, but it’s Bill. No one needs Bill. She’s okay, but Susan would be better. I really wish it was Susan. The Doctor love Susan.

That ship of his is in need of a good deep clean.

The Doctor

Hartnell with a gay woman companion is wonderful.

What you need is a jolly good smacked bottom!

The Doctor to Bill (or Susan)

Mycroft’s Hitler haircut is terrible. Well, no one should have a Hitler haircut, even if they are 20 years too early for Hitler. What a jackass. Yes, I’m calling Adolf Hitler a jackass.

Awww, I forgot Mycroft is a Lethbridge-Stewart.

Putting this in the Christmas armistice makes it the best use of Christmas as a backdrop of a special.

Where are Ben and Polly?


They let his monologue go on a bit too long.


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