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Doctor Who Story 277 – The Woman Who Fell to Earth

I love that this opens with Ryan’s absolutely for grandmother.

Now I don’t know why he’s practising riding his bike on top of a cliff. That seems like a bad idea. Also on grass is a bad idea. Pavement is much smoother.

I love Grace and wish she were a regular, but I get that her death is a bonding point between the two men who love her, Graham and Ryan.

How did she survive that fall?

We’re calling you “Yas” because we’re friends now.

The Doctor to Yas.

I really dig how Whittaker’s Doctor loves her companions as friends.

Whittaker looks so good in Capaldi’s clothes.

New sonic screwdriver.

Oh, Tim Shaw.

Don’t slip, Ryan. Everyone needs to know about ladder safety.

Ahh! He’s got a face of teeth.

Crane operator

She knows she’s the Doctor! Yay!

Oh Grace! :(

The Doctor sticking around for a funeral is extremely unlikely. But it’s a path of who Whittaker’s Doctor is. I really really like her. Oh yeah, she has no TARDIS.

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