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Doctor Who Story xx – Farewell, Sarah Jane & Daleks!

Farewell, Sarah Jane Oh, this is a story! It’s about Sarah Jane, not Elisabeth. Apparently every companion came to her service. Haha! Random tricker plot as a side note. This is nicer than I expected. Ace! Clive’s grown up! Aww, Luke has a picture of him with him mum framed. They keep saying him about the Doctor, she’s a she. The Archive of Islos Well, the animation is shit, and it looks more like Star Wars than Doctor Who. Why does that space Dalek have a hullahoop around it? Do you wish to apply for a membership card? Robot to Dalek So far only Daleks and Robots have spoken, and… Read More »Doctor Who Story xx – Farewell, Sarah Jane & Daleks!

Doctor Who Story 295 – Ascension of the Cybermen/The Timeless Children

Ascension of the Cybermen Oh. That was good. The opening credits inside the eye of the decapitated Cyberman. Bosh! This might be the most visceral war we’ve ever seen in Doctor Who. It’s the story of a collaborator.  This might be the first time the Cybermen seemed capable of harm.  Graham being proud of saving these humans is great.  Vent the atmosphere, Yas! The Master!!! The Timeless Children They killed one of the last humans.  Is that a stargate at the top of the stairs? Don’t make me cry Graham!!! Yas is awesome and the humans are totally better than the Doctor.  So many child actors are now canonically the… Read More »Doctor Who Story 295 – Ascension of the Cybermen/The Timeless Children

Doctor Who Story 293 – Can You Hear Me?

“I CAN SHOW YOU THE WORLD…” Doc’s been getting a bit squirmy, running off to do personal stuff and leaving the companions behind. If they’re your best friends, maybe tell them about yourself. That’s what friends do.

Doctor Who Story 292 – Praxeus

If I continue two a day, I’ll be done my Doctor Who rewatch at the end of the week. Oh, I remember this episode. It was one of the environmental ones that were hitting the audience over the head with a baguette. Did she just say a talking cat in Ontario? Is it Moki? This episode is boring. Running on sand is the worst. The Doctor should know not to park there.

Doctor Who Story 291 – Fugitive of the Judoon

I don’t love the Judoon, though I do quite their first appearance. Well, something’s going to go wrong with this couple. And enter the Doctor and friends. Creepy bartender creeping. Oh yeah, Captain Jack! I like him thinking that Graham is the Doctor. Jack being giddy when he finds out the Doctor is a woman is great. Three of you? I had a dream about this once. Captain Jack about the the Doctor’s companions I’m bored by the A story. It’s okay, but all the stories are a bit meh, and one is fun with Captain Jack. Oh, I forgot that she’s the Doctor. Ahh, rewriting the entire Doctor Who… Read More »Doctor Who Story 291 – Fugitive of the Judoon

Doctor Who Story 290 – Nikola Tesla’s Night of Terror

Good moustache, glowing eyes guy. So many great moustaches. It’s the guy from Hustle. Whose brother is Gene Hunt. Is that the spider lady from “Runaway Bride?” Apparently the spider is Anjli Mohindra who played Rani in Sarah Jane. Oh, she’s not the same species as the Spiders from Mars. The baddie is a Pakled. Rani! Stop being a naughty girl. Sarah Jane would be so pissed.

Doctor Who Story 289 – Orphan 55

I think something’s gonna go wrong. Ryan’s infection from the Hopper virus was great. The Doctor needs to stop sexualizing Hyph3n. The baddie looks terrible. Also, poor Hyph3n. Ooo! Mind meld! I forgot how heavy-handed this episode of Doctor Who is. Here’s a hammer, here’s an explanation of global warming, go to town.

Doctor Who Story 288 – Spyfall

Part One Be wery wery qwiet, I’m hunting trucks. Americans are everywhere. Poor Ryan, I know what it feels like to be unable to play sports. Doctor Who writers have a weird obsession with GPS. Oh, it’s Stephen Fry. He’s an asshole. Why is this CEO an asshole? He insults his mates over the intercom? Don’t let the Master loose in your TARDIS. CEO is a bad shot. I love his house as the TARDIS. He’s so good as the Master. Part Two How’d they get out of the airplane? The TARDIS being a house just makes sense. Paris is fun. Saying a pacifist is a bold stance to take… Read More »Doctor Who Story 288 – Spyfall

Doctor Who Story 287 – Resolution

Oh, we get a teaser this time. Of course the British one fails. Charlotte Ritchie! So much Taskmaster love! Though like Lee Mack, I knew her before from Fresh Meat. Poor Charlotte, with a spider on her back. That’s a Dalek? Why is the black archive available online? Eighty-eight miles an hour!!!!!! The Dalek attacking the cop is fantastic. I. Will. Fight! Charlotte Ritchie The family with no data is amazing. Aww, dad hugs!