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Doctor Who Serial 088 – The Deadly Assassin

Part One

To Gallifrey we go!

What the hell was that Star Warsesque title scroll? That’s terrible.

There’s a lot of exposition here, oddly, it’s good.

Hahaha! Gallifreyan newscasts are as boring as BBC News.

The Doctor shot the President, what the farts?

Part Two

The Doctor should’ve brought Sarah. She would have stopped him murdering.

“Vaporization without representation is against the constitution.”

Oh! The Doctor is throwing his hat in the ring.

The Master is looking rather creepy. At least he doesn’t have a bad goatee.

Part Three

All reality is a computation matrix, Doctor.

That rock-face with superimposed eyes was so bad, I had to interrupt my wife to show her.

I think that might be the first time in Doctor Who history that we saw blood.

I don’t understand why he’s in this matrix.

Part Four

Drown Doctor! Drown! Oh, you’re still alive, and has a stick! He won!

The Master is a jerk.

I like that this guy’s name is Goth.

Deathbed speeches are terrible.

The Master’s makeup looks ridiculous. Kind of like a muppet.

So they completely forgot about the Doctor running for President, and that his only competition is dead?

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