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Doctor Who Serial 089 – The Face of Evil

Part One

There’s a great god named Zynon! I’m down for this. We’re meeting Leela a lot quicker than I expected we would.

I like their Jelly Baby exchange quite a bit.

Leela gained trust in the Doctor quite quickly.

I love the ridiculous priest.

So these dudes are praying to an alien who crashed on their planet. Cool.

Tom Baker’s head a-la Mount Rushmore is great.

Part Two

“I like the hat, very fetching” was pretty much what I was thinking.

Is that the Doctor’s voice on the radio? Okay, so they confirmed it.

Hahaha, flinging the Cybermat at the dude, and making him run away screaming was delightful.

That is some bad blue screen.

Part Three

He’s dead with some spectacular acting. /s

Who are you?

Part Four

If you’re going to fight with the Doctor, use his scarf against him!

It’s another journey of wandering around hallways. Their fighting against a computer, but the computer doesn’t seem too excited to kill the Doctor. I don’t think it’s because the writer wanted complexity, I think it’s because the writer is bad.

“Where the beams… are… coming… from.” This guy went to the Shatner School of Acting.

The hat the Doctor’s wearing reminds me of Doc Brown.

Okay, before I resume Doctor Who, can we talk about that last second of that Back To The Future scene? Christopher Lloyd’s reaction is perfect. That movie has such a great and tight script.

The Doctor giving the group on the planet a button to destroy the supercomputer, but it looks like a Staples easy button.

Okay, I like Leela, forcing herself into the Doctor’s life.

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