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Doctor Who Serial 090 – The Robots of Death

Part One

That’s pretty heavy foreshadowing. Robots are going to rip someone’s arm off.

“That’s silly” says Leela as she learned about how the TARDIS works. She’s right. She’s very very right.

Oh my god, these hats are divine.

Shit, that robot has red eyes, that can only mean one thing… ARMS ABOUT TO RIPPED OFF!

Big hat commander is talking into his Apple Watch.

Damn, the dude was strangled, no arms ripped off.

If your buddy gives you an alibi, don’t throw a hole in it.

Part Two

That last episode led to a two hour nap. Not sure what that means for part two, but here we go…. *dum de dum, dum de dum, dum de dum, dum de dum…*

Well, they killed the brown dude. Of course.

Everyone here is jumping to conclusions. They were foreshadowing about robot murders, obviously it’s the robots! Also, the title is “Robots of Death.” Look at the script!

That guy really doesn’t like Jelly Babies.

Big hat leader looks a lot like Tim Curry.

Well, now they’re pointing figures, so that’s good, but no one is pointing to robots, except the Doctor. Maybe he’s right.

Also, I love their makeup.

Looks like the robots are getting their commands from a meat person.

Part Three

Everyone is about to die, I bet they’ll get out of this scrape.

Well, that was easy, but new problem, their car is sinking.

Part Four

Had a nice swim in the lake, time for part four. THEN DINNER!

That was handy, there was a dude there to save the Doctor.

These robots are assholes.

It’s a really ingenious feature to turn the eyes red on any robot that is jailbroken.

“They call it robophobia” might be the greatest line of dialogue ever. This is high quality psychology.

YES! The Doctor is defeating the back guy by using helium to change his voice so the robots don’t obey his commands. They’re changing his voice with post-production, it should’ve been done on set with actual helium, it sounds terrible. How come the Doctor’s voice never changed? Oh, they answered it, he’s a Time Lord.

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