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Doctor Who Serial 084 – The Brain of Morbius

Part One

Is that thing half Klingon, half Gorn?

That unibrow is epic.

Hmm, Dr. Frankenstein is looking for a warm-blooded humanoid. AND THE DOCTOR SHOWS UP!

Oh jeez! We’re being introduced to the Sisterhood of Karn for the first time.

Much like the Doctor, I like when people compliment my head.

So I gathered from other Karn episodes that the Sisterhood didn’t like the Time Lords, but didn’t realize they were enemies.

So Morbius is a fellow Time Lord, and is bitter and wants a new body.

Part Two

“You chicken-brained biological disaster,” what kind of asshole says that to their staff?

The Doctor knows that Morbius is alive and that the flame of life is dying. The sisterhood wants to sacrifice the Doctor, but he only wants to help.

Sneaky costumed Sarah, freeing the Doctor!

Igor is rising up against Dr. Frankenstein.

Why does Morbius sound like a Dalek?

Wow, Morbo, calm down. It’s just Sarah, she doesn’t want to destroy you.

Part Three

Morbo’s vocals look like the bitchy trampoline from Christopher Eccleston’s second episode.

Frankenstein, don’t talk about your traps when you know that Sarah is there. Oh, dum dums.

That net falling from the top of the cave was amazing. Bravo Doctor Who.

The Doctor fixed the fireplace for the sisterhood. Maybe one day they will repay him and help turn him into John Hurt.

Frankenstein has given up on using the Doctor’s head, and is going to, instead, put him in a plastic ball.

Uh oh! Igor is fighting back, again… and got shot! Igor spilled Morbo’s brains onto the floor.

Why hasn’t he shouted, “IT’S ALIVE!”?

Part Four

Wow, Morbo is going on a rampage. He attacked Frankenstein. NO! Now Morbo is after Igor! Igor is dead. I don’t like Morbo. This makes me sad.

Somehow Dr. Frankenstein didn’t die, but he’s on the hunt for Morbo.

If you’re making the villain destroy his evil creation, Doctor, you don’t leave the operating room and just assume he will do it. Surprise, surprise, he’s fixing Morbo.

Mind wrestling! This is stupid. But the Doctor won! I guess don’t mind-wrestle if your brain was recently dropped on the floor.

The Doctor survived thanks to the Elixir of Life.

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