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Doctor Who Serial 083 – The Android Invasion

Part One

Wow, Corporal Android needs a lot of work. His movement isn’t very fluid.

That’s certainly a new definition of “finger guns.” Guys in while coveralls with big helmets have no fingertips and shoot out of what should be a fingertip.

Hahaha, that was a best companion scream I’ve ever heard, and there are so many companion screams.

Corporal Android is really stumblin’ and he just fell off the cliff. I really hope this leads to a Paul McCartney cameo with a tiny harmonica.

Corporal Android is back, but with a crew of finger guns. He brought a truck full of androids looking like the locals.

Oh my! The Finger guns have no faces, just machinery!!!!

Sarah! Don’t leave the key in the TARDIS! And it disappeared, she thinks that the Doctor abandoned her.

And now the Doctor’s been captured by the Finger Guns.

Sarah goes to rescue the Doctor, but is being spied upon by creepy looking dude. Could be a Sontaran, but who knows, Doctor Who makeup is terrible.

Part Two

So an astronaut died in space. Now he’s on Earth ordering the androids around. One of the androids is Sgt. Benton.

Twisted ankle alert! Twisted ankle alert!

Sarah, don’t jump out of a tree with a messed up ankle. This might be the first time in Doctor Who history that a companion’s twisted ankle had any effect for more than 30 seconds.


Are these aliens prototype Ferengi?

Sarah’s an android!!!

Part Three

The tussle between the Doctor and Sarah is one of the funniest moments in Doctor Who history.

My cat is sitting on the remote control and he doesn’t love Doctor Who it seems. I’ve now wrestled it back.

“Resistance is inadvisable.” Star Trek really took their terrible writing and punched it up quite a bit.

So an astronaut was bitter that he died in space, so he sold out humanity to the first aliens who came along? I don’t buy this. If you go up in space, you know there’s a chance you’ll die and there’s nothing anyone can do, because you’re so far away.

Oh no! The G-Force is so high! Sarah, how will you survive?

Part Four

She’s okay! It’s alright. No one panic.

I just got halfway through the episode and realized I wasn’t paying attention and I had no idea how the Doctor got back to Earth. I just rewound back to the beginning.

Astronaut’s ship is coming down to Earth. Sgt. Benton is confused by the Doctor leaving his key in the TARDIS. I’m writing down plot so I have to pay attention. Astronaut’s ship loses contact, and meteorites are coming to Earth, but we know that they are actually androids. They’ve landed! And this pod has the Doctor, not an android!

Well, now I know how he got back to Earth. He’s lost his Sarah! Poor Doctor.

Oh! They now have visual contact with the astronaut. No one is wondering where he got an eyepatch on his mission.

Now Sarah’s on earth, and she found the TARDIS. And the Doctor found her, BUT IT’S A ROBIT DOCTOR!

Astronaut has landed.

The Doctor is revealing the plot to the military. And the boss is hilarious.

These androids really need to recalibrate their aim.

Okay, this story is getting good and it’s getting silly in all the best ways.

Brilliant! This guy has been wearing an eye patch the whole time thinking he lost an eye, but he’s just been brainwashed.

The Doctor has no frozen the ‘droids, and Sarah’s working at freeing some of the humans.

FIGHT! FIG–oh, that was over pretty quickly.

Have I mentioned that this is the best TV show of all time?1

  1. It’s not, but damn, sometimes it’s so much fun. []

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