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Doctor Who Serial 082 – Pyramids of Mars

Part One

“Superstitious savage!” proclaims an arrogant British archeologist as his Egyptian guides run away. What a terrible, yet predictable way, to start a Doctor Who episode.

The TARDIS goes off course on its way back to UNIT, it ends up in the right building, but wrong time, 1911. In this house are Egyptian artifacts, chief amongst them a sarcophagus which is also a space-time portal.

Part Two

The Egyptian is dead, and Sutekh, an alien who pretended to be an Egyptian god, has his people trying to get him. This sounds a bit like Stargate.

I think we need to talk about the mummies. Why do they have such giant chests? Why are they covered in 10 feet of foam? I bet they’d be good to cuddle. Why do they have a bicycle tail light on their back?

Sutekh is controlling operations on Earth via “mental force.” Why is there so much psychic stuff in Doctor Who?

“Egyptian mummies building rockets?” That is ridiculous.

That guy just got a double-sided motorboating from a pair of mummies.

Apparently the Raptors are winning. Go local sport team.

Part Three

Wow, Doctor, there’s no compassion there. You should be able to understand why someone doesn’t want to hurt their brother, even if his re-animated corpse is controlled by the baddy. 

The Doctor’s relationship with Sarah is probably the best part of this story. She’s really fantastic at bringing out the best in him. And I think Elisabeth Sladen is the same to Tom Baker. 

Part Four

Sutekh captures the Doctor and forces him to use his TARDIS to free Sutekh.

Sutekh kills the Doctor, but the Doctor survives.

They’re now in a maze, and I honeslty feel they are just doing this to kill time. Maybe I’m just too used to the Good Place and it’s super tight storytelling to enjoy this super-long stories in classic Doctor Who.

Hahaha, okay that was brilliant. The Mummy Droid turning around just as Sarah and the Doctor turn the corner and they turn around and hide in one quick move.

Uh oh! Sarah is trapped in a plastic tube! Why does every cheesy sci-fi show do a terrible episode with a maze filled with riddles designed for a 12 year old?

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