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Doctor Who Serial 126 – Terminus

Part One

The Black Guardian is still up to his tricks and trying to make Turlough sabotage.

It’s nice to see more of the TARDIS and Adric’s/Turlough’s room.

Oh, the ’80s hair of that lady, it’s perfect!

Part Two

This story is really boring. The only good things are the uniforms for the crew.

Part Three

Will I care enough about Part three to pay attention? Probably not, but her hair amazing. I think part of it is I just started Lovecraft Country and Ted Lasso and both are much better.

The dog man just standing there and waiting for the guy to stop shooting is not very convincing.

Part Four

Time for “Terminus” to terminate.


Nyssa tripped this guy, and it seemed like they were about to make out. I was very disappointed they didn’t.

That was terrible. I’ll miss Nyssa, slightly. Just annoyed that Turlough is who replaces her.

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