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Doctor Who Serial 125 – Mawdryn Undead

Part One

Wow, 30 seconds in and Turlough is already insufferable. They really should stop putting British people in this show.

Yay! Lethbridge-Stewart.

Turlough is a jackass AND he’s plotting to murder the Doctor.

This soundtrack is both terrible and amazing.

Why is that kid following Turlough?

Part Two

I wonder if Turlough will knock out the Doctor. Nope… that’s a surprise.

How can Lethbridge-Stewart forget his time with the Doctor? I don’t approve.

Oh good, he knows the Doctor during Tegan’s time period.

Wow, they’re really going deep into the Doctor’s mythology in this season.

Part Three

This is the least Doctor Who structure and it’s a nice change.

Tegan should just poke the dude’s brain.

Part Four

So these people tried to become Time Lords. They failed. Whomp whomp. But the Doctor calling them fools is silly, as all the Time Lords were once not Time Lords and took energy from that child (the Doctor (SPOILERS!)) and became Time Lords. So not fools. Also the Doctor not saving them, as it would be giving up his remaining 8 regenerations… NOT SINCE YOU’RE THE ALPHA TIME LORD!

Well, the Brigadier meeting himself didn’t end with Pterodactyls like when Rose met her father.

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