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Blue Fog Review Part II

On Friday night I went to see the Blue Fog Review at Lee’s Palace. I had previously upload photos from before $100’s set. Here’s $100 and Rick White.

It don’t matter if our love’s true

Went to the Blue Fog Review at Lee’s Palace last night. It was my opportunity to road test my new 50mm 1.8 lens. I took over 600 photos. I’ve only had a chance to go through the pre-$100 photos. Until I get a chance to post the $100 photos, you can enjoy a recording, courtesy of Mechanical Forest Sound. Here’s $100 performing “Hell’s A Place,” a song about Lesbian love; and here’s Rick White with $100 performing “Sorry We Missed You.” Photos? 

Self portraits

I’ve been playing with some self-portraits as of late, because I haven’t had any models around. Though I do have some photo sessions lined up with some friends. I decided to buy some new equipment I had been craving for some time. I started with a 50mm prime lens. It’s the standard lens that everyone has, and the fact that the aperture opens to 1.8 should make it nice for concert photography. I know that it’s a cheap lens, and I don’t expect to last decades, but it’s a start. Maybe when it dies, I’ll be rich and can afford the 50mm 1.21. I also purchased a cheap remote for… Read More »Self portraits

How Did JFK Get My Spaghetti Video?

I was recently paid a visit by a dreamy woman, in a dress. As any man would do, I took out my camera. She’s got a fashion blog, which recently used these photos.

All Night Long

Went to see Thrush Hermit1 on Friday (as I’ve said before). Opening for them was All Night Long. Lead-singer Jelena Petrovic has a stunning smile and was an unwitting model. More photos can be found on Flickr. Adam, we know you went to see Thrush Hermit, shut up about it. [↩]

If I were Phyllis…

My lord, how many times can I post about Phyllis on this blog. Well, once more unto the breach. Saw Thrush Hermit tonight. You’d expect that a show cannot live up to eleven years of expectations. It surpassed it.


About a month ago, my sister Shira and I started taking a photography course at Humber. So far, we’ve kind of been wondering why we were taking it. It seemed in many ways well below us. It still does, but yesterday we finally learned something useful, something which alone is enough to cover the cost of the course. How to read a histogram. I’ve known for a while what a histogram is, but I’ve never understood how to read it, or how to use it to make my photography better. For those that don’t know, the right-hand side of the graph is white, left-hand side is black. If you want… Read More »Histogram

Mal De Mer

Ben Gunning has posted some of my photos on his website. If you already saw those on Flickr or Facebook, they’re the same, but if you haven’t check ’em out at On that note, check out Ben Gunning’s new record Mal De Mer.