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Ben Gunning

Went to see Ben Gunning last night, he was releasing his second solo record, Mal De Mer. He played the complete record. For more photos, click here.

Vistek Part II

First off, I should say the tripod arrived the next day. I also got a call from “Paul” making sure it arrived, again thanking and apologizing to me. I also just received this email. Hi Adam,  I’m the Project Manager at Vistek and I also head up Customer Relations.  I have been working here for over 15 years and most of my years here were as Ron’s Executive Assistant.  I have handled many transactions for Ron’s customers including Leo Baeck Day School.  I was informed about your experience at Vistek and as I’m still shocked about the entire incident, I’m writing to apologize to you.  I am truly sorry that… Read More »Vistek Part II


As I’ve said before, I work for a private day school. Recently we had some budget to purchase a couple of SLR cameras, and the school has a relationship with a Toronto store called Vistek. I called the owner, who didn’t answer his phone, instead a secretary told me they’d get the details we want, and have a sales rep write me a quote. The owner would then modify pricing. I was cool with that. I used to work for Carbon Computing, and everyone who called and asked for Ron usually wouldn’t get to Ron, it seemed I was always the guy who was told to quote on those products.… Read More »Vistek

Schomberg Fair

Went to see the Schomberg Fair last night at The Garrison, here in Toronto. Fab show.

Wavelength 488

Went to one of the final nights of Wavelength. It was a “round robin” featuring way too many bands. Among them was Doctor Ew, aka Drew Smith of the Bicycles. It was nice to see a former Bicycle performing some new material.

TWM – Cheap Speakers, Brent Randall & Mark Bragg

Another Tuesday night, another adventure at Rancho Relaxo, thanks to Dan Wolovick and his excellent booking skills, Rancho is the place to be. Unfortunately it has horrible lighting. Either way, The Cheap Speakers, Brent Randall & His Pinecones and Mark Bragg all played a great night.

Julie Doiron at Lee’s Palace

Jennifer Polk (aka History Jen) reviewed October 27th’s Julie Doiron show with Herman Dune and Shotgun Jimmie. Check it out. Photos by me.