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Clara Oswald

Doctor Who Story 233 – The Rings of Akhaten

I don’t care enough about Clara to see that much of her childhood or her Doctor-Stalker. Oh god, there’s singing. This has everything I don’t want. Children and singing. Let’s sing and scream at this monster and hey we win! I hate this.

Doctor Who Story 232 – The Bells of Saint John

Prequel Nothing sadder than a grown up swaying on a swing alone. *gasp* she’s Clara. The Bells of Saint John Wifi is evil. Wait until they find out about 5G. This episode seems to be missing the charm of Doctor Who. How did the TARDIS door close? What a terrible, boring and quick resolution.

Doctor Who Story 231 – The Snowmen

The Great Detective More voiceover? Aww, grumpy Doctor. Vastra Investigates Lesbians! I’m saying this like James did in high school the day after the episode of Deep Space Nine aired when Jadzia’s ex shows up and they kiss. The Snowmen Whoever said, “let’s put a mouth with teeth on that snowflake” was high as hell. New opening, and they put Matt Smith’s face into the time vortex. So many bad decisions. Also, why did Clara run after the Doctor. They had the most boring interaction. There was nothing there to entice a woman. Also, why is the Doctor just hanging out in Victorian London? That spiral staircase is rather rickety.… Read More »Doctor Who Story 231 – The Snowmen

Doctor Who Story 226 – Asylum of the Daleks

I feel like Moffat just throws ideas at the Doctor Who wall and thinks “that’s a good enough explanation. Like why is Amy suddenly a model? Why is Amy separated from Rory? Why is Rory suddenly an asshole? Oh yeah, you’re never going to explain that. Why are they playing Wizard of Oz music? Why is Clara so bad at making soufflés? It’s not that hard. I hate that they’re wasting the first episode on Clara. I want more Amy and Rory, and they’re about to leave the show. So they didn’t talk for years? That’s why they split up? What fucking stupidity. Also, adoption is a thing. Also, you… Read More »Doctor Who Story 226 – Asylum of the Daleks