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Doctor Who Story 262 – Hell Bent

Oh, it’s guitar Doctor again.

Oh, it’s Clara ruining it for everyone.

This teaser is making me hate the episode already. We want to see the Doctor on Gallifrey, and you’re giving us a dead woman in a diner.

You’d think the Gallifreyans wouldn’t need a city, they have TARDIS technology.

So explain to me how Gallifreyan society works, because these people seem to be living in abject poverty. Why are the poor not allowed to speak?

How is Rassilon still president of Gallifrey.

He wasn’t stuck there for billions of years. It’s not like he remembers more than one loop through there. Doctor Who sucks. Also, Clara sucks.

First he’s a Time Lord, then he’s a Time Lord/Human hybrid (the TV Movie), then he’s a Time Lord, then he’s a hybrid with his companion, soon she’ll be from another species who began Time Lord civilization (see the most recent Jodie Whittaker season).

Why is she so special that he has to wipe Clara from his memory? Just leave her, she sucks! The writers have never shown why she’s that important. They keep saying, but they never show it.

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