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Doctor Who Story 258 – The Zygon Invasion/The Zygon Inversion

The Zygon Invasion

I like the UNIT crew, so I’m going with this.

I’m annoyed at how they completely ignored the actual resolution in the 50th anniversary special. At least they’re doing that now.

20 million is a lot of Zygons.

Why is the Doctor playing guitar?

Where is the teacher to protect these children from the weird man?

This show really likes the American southwest, and I have a feeling it wasn’t actually shot in the US. WOOT! I was right, it was Spain, on an island called Fuerteventura.

Oh my! That’s Nicola Murray from The Thick of It! Oh, Capaldi needs to swear at her.

Have him stand down and have another crew member take command. What the hell is wrong with UNIT? That’s pretty simple.

Clara’s evil Clara is very similar to Evil Kirk from original Star Trek.

The Zygon Inversion

Mmm, chocolate toothpaste.

I’m over 2000 years old, I’m old enough to be your messiah.

The Doctor

This is not very good. I might have been better if they actually resolved this plot in the 50th anniversary.

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