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Doctor Who Story 241 – The Time of the Doctor


Handles is a bad idea. Having a new character come in just causes too much muddling when it should be about Matt Smith.

But the phone call with Clara is fun, but it might have been easier if she was just there with him right from the beginning.

I like naked Doctors.

How does her very obvious bra work?

Their naked butts are touching.

The crack being Gallifrey does not make sense with what we saw of it before.

God, stop the narration.

They expect me to feel sad for Handles’ death.

Old man Doctor should be acting more like William Hartnell.

So the Doctor can hold back the hoards with nothing but the Silence, but if he brought back the Time Lords, it would be unending war?

So he knows the Curator exists, but he doesn’t believe he has more regenerations? There was also Capaldi in the special?

So if the Doctor can destroy a giant fleet by regenerating, why didn’t the Time Lords just murder the Lord President and make him regenerate into Pierce Brosnan to get rid of the Daleks?

I so missed Amy.

I don’t get why Clara is upset about him changing. She’s seen all his incarnations. She liked the War Doctor, she liked 10. Why is she begging him not be Capaldi?

Behind the Lens

You can’t equate regeneration with death, because nobody dies.

Stephen Moffat

WHAT? You have been equating the two your whole time as showrunner, plus Davies’ time. Do you even read what you write?

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