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Doctor Who Story 242 – Deep Breath

I remember watching this in theatres, and being bored with it already. Though Strax is great.

Okay, but I really enjoy Peter Capaldi.

I hate the new opening. It looks like a cartoon.

Why does Clara not understand regeneration?

Is Capaldi going to spend most of his first episode in bed?

Why do I like aliens not understanding humans so much?

There’s not enough Strax in this episode, because everything else is not that interesting.

The whole story about Clara not liking regenerated Doctor is bullshit, and horrible. Why would she care when this is after the interaction between Clara and all the other 10 Doctors.

I really think Matt Smith’s scene is cheating Peter Capaldi. This deserves to be his episode, and his stories. Making it about Matt Smith isn’t right.

Yay! Missy!

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