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The Sock Gap

You might want to skip ahead to 4:21. Jeff suggests that a man takes his socks off “after his shoes, and before his trousers.” Miss the sock gap, and “suddenly you’re a naked man in socks. No self respecting woman will ever let a naked man in socks do the squelchy with her.” Why do I mention this only a few days after I previously posted this video in another context? Well, I went to the Honeysuckle Strip Spelling Bee at Buddies In Bad Times a few days back. As usual it was rather entertaining, but here’s the problem, the men competing, they didn’t seem to understand the Sock Gap.… Read More »The Sock Gap

Goals for “vacation”

I’m on pseudo-vacation. The school where I work is on break from today until a week Thursday. I’m working on Monday morning, and Wednesday (all day). That leaves ten and a half days for me to do what I please. I’m making goals for this vacation, but they’re kind of lofty goals. Wanna suggest stuff? See people Visit my family1 Visit the Millers See Emily, tonight, post-Sadies, perhaps another time2 Visit Graeme and Heather3 Do some hangouts with Vince Concerts & Events See The Sadies, tonight Ron Sexsmith in-store The Weather Station at Holy Oak, FUCK that’s the second sedar night. Damn goyim. Go to at least one other show… Read More »Goals for “vacation”

Manly March

It’s once again Manly March, and thus, we must live by four rules: No shaving. No complaining. No staying home if anyone invites you out. No ennui. In any confounding situation simply ask yourself, “What would Beowulf do?” This is a tradition among a select group of friends that is now in its second year.

Ankle show

So apparently Old Navy has begun an ad campaign to tell the world just how awesome I am. we all know, all the ladies want Ankle.

Most viewed posts of 2010

Here’s NH2F’s top 10 posts of 2010… 10) “Mayor Staypuft,” or Adam gets bitter about Toronto’s mayor, throws insults, but still puts forward good questions, to which no one cares to discuss. 9) “Fear Of Fighting,” or Adam yammering1 about the author. 8) “Vistek,” or Adam yammering about shitty customer service. 7) “How Did JFK Get My Spaghetti Video,” or Adam photographs a hottie. 6) “The End of,” or Adam has an idea to make the world a better place, but no one gives a shit. 5) “Poutine,” or I’m drunk. 4) “Apple & Canadian English,” or Adam doesn’t like that his iPhone neglects his nation. 3) “Scott Pilgrim… Read More »Most viewed posts of 2010

Favourite posts of 2010

I thought I’d go through my year, and see my favourite posts from 2010. This is not a list of my favourite concerts, albums, etc, but rather my favourite posts. Film I don’t know the difference between Iron Man and Iron Giant. The best review ever written. Scott Pilgrim review. Food POUTINE! My first brunch experience at the Old Nick… I now go there weekly… at least. Literature A personal tale about knowing an author, Stacey Fowles, and then reading her novel. I would then embarrass myself by not recognizing her in a future meeting. Reading about Canada & Mr. Diefenbaker. Music Questions about where the groove might actually be.… Read More »Favourite posts of 2010

Halloween 2010

This year’s Halloween was a bust for me. I did absolutely NOTHING. While I did dress (temporarily) as a beaver the week before, I couldn’t bring myself to attend any Halloween festivities. Slightly annoyed at myself for missing both the annual pumpkin carving, and the Indie Bloggers Brunch. This year’s pumpkin carving was specifically the “Toronto’s Public Services Memorial Pumpkin Carving1.” The above photo was stolen from Emily, who I assume is both the carver and photographer. She perfectly captured City Hall, and the T it makes in the negative space2. I also missed crazy good times at the bloggers brunch, where people who are saner than I and who… Read More »Halloween 2010


Birthdays are lame. I’ve never been a fan of birthdays. They’re kind of stupid, self-glamourizing bullshit. Then again, I blog, and isn’t that in essence what a blog is? At many parties I feel like that picture shows. The odd one out, sad in the corner. I don’t know why, I love my friends, and I think for the most part that they love me, too. Yet there I am, alone in a corner, surrounded by candy. I have no qualms with getting older, I actually am looking forward to being older, but I don’t like the insincere qualities of writing “happy birthday” on someone’s Facebook wall, when you don’t… Read More »Birthdays

Drunk pregnant women

My friend E.W. posted this to her Facebook wall, and there was a bit of an outrage. A few days later, CCM and JH were having a debate at a party, whether the same kind of response would happen if someone posted that about a pregnant woman drinking. I volunteered to take one for the team, I don’t think it got the response either of them wanted. Perhaps I just have weird friends who are more interested in Little Britain.