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Halloween 2010

This year’s Halloween was a bust for me. I did absolutely NOTHING. While I did dress (temporarily) as a beaver the week before, I couldn’t bring myself to attend any Halloween festivities. Slightly annoyed at myself for missing both the annual pumpkin carving, and the Indie Bloggers Brunch.

This year’s pumpkin carving was specifically the “Toronto’s Public Services Memorial Pumpkin Carving1.” The above photo was stolen from Emily, who I assume is both the carver and photographer. She perfectly captured City Hall, and the T it makes in the negative space2.

I also missed crazy good times at the bloggers brunch, where people who are saner than I and who write coherently about music gather to hang out. They seem to invite me, even though I don’t usually write anything with any sense.

While I knew of other parties, that could have happened afterwards, I just wasn’t in the mood, and didn’t have anyone to schlep with me.

So, what did I miss? Other than The Sadies.

  1. Yes, all our events are a memorial. []
  2. Is it positive space on the pumpkin? It’s surely negative space in real life. []

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