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Goals for “vacation”

I’m on pseudo-vacation. The school where I work is on break from today until a week Thursday. I’m working on Monday morning, and Wednesday (all day). That leaves ten and a half days for me to do what I please. I’m making goals for this vacation, but they’re kind of lofty goals.

Wanna suggest stuff?

  1. See people
    • Visit my family1
    • Visit the Millers
    • See Emily, tonight, post-Sadies, perhaps another time2
    • Visit Graeme and Heather3
    • Do some hangouts with Vince
  2. Concerts & Events
    • See The Sadies, tonight
    • Ron Sexsmith in-store
    • The Weather Station at Holy Oak, FUCK that’s the second sedar night. Damn goyim.
    • Go to at least one other show (anyone suggest any?)
    • Spelling bee!
  3. Books
    • Read “Life” by Keith Richards
    • Read “René Lévesque” by Daniel Poliquin
    • Read “Make Me A Woman” by Vanessa Davis
    • Read “William Lyon Mackenzie King: Dreams and Shadows” by Lian Goodall
    • Read at least three other graphic novels to be borrowed from the Toronto Public Library
  4. Television
    • Watch remaining seven episodes of series two of Waiting For God
    • Watch remaining two episodes of The Increasingly Poor Choices of Todd Margaret
    • Watch all six episodes of Jekyll
    • Watch remaining two episodes of Being Human (UK)
    • Give the North American version of Being Human another shot
    • Watch the season premiere of Doctor Who
  5. Films
    • Watch Polytechnique
    • Watch The Hanging Garden
    • Watch The Town
    • Watch Toy Story 2 with the Millers, continuing our Pixar marathon
  6. GSD & go places
    • Do two client gigs
    • Get passport paperwork filed and applied
    • Go to the Island, at least once
  7. This here blog
    • Write at least three blog posts a week. This doesn’t count.
  1. Okay, so this one is easy as it’s the sedars. []
  2. Perhaps overlapping with Millers. []
  3. Maybe help them move []

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