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Inkball is perhaps the greatest sport ever invented. Okay, maybe it’s a game, but I thought I’d share my love of this creation. I’ll start with the genesis. I used to work at a lame computer store, which to protect its identity we’ll call Boron Computing. It was a rather boring job which in no way challenged me, it in no way interested me, and I was treated quite poorly, so I had a lot of resentment to the employer. There’s a lesson in this, if you want a happy, productive worker, treat them with respect. We weren’t treated with respect, but there was one good thing about working that… Read More »Inkball

Vancouver 2010

It’s Thursday morning, and I’m most likely asleep in recovery, reluctant to leave my bed. To most “Vancouver 2010” is a representation of the 2010 Winter Olympics which were held in the beautiful city of Vancouver, British Columbia. To me, it represents Five Days In July in which I took in so much of this west coast beauty. Much like most of my posts, I’m writing this well in advance. I’m actually writing it so far in advance, that I’m still in Vancouver. It’s Sunday night, and I’ll be popping on an airplane in the next few hours to head back home to Toronto. I thought I’d fill you in… Read More »Vancouver 2010

Monkey, Monkey, Monkey, Monkey, You.

On the weekend, I went to Massey Hall with the ever famous Millers. There was a gentleman who stood on the stage for hours on end ranting at us. His name was Eddie Izzard and he was rather funny. He talked to us about the Queen1, God, and a summer he spent in Ontario as a kid. He’s a really funny man, he talked about Charles Darwin’s book “Great Expectations,” which led him to Darwin’s better and more famous book “Monkey, Monkey, Monkey, Monkey, You.” Most importantly, I believe that Izzard put forward a very good question, if the universe was created through Intelligent Design, then why is there poo… Read More »Monkey, Monkey, Monkey, Monkey, You.

Follow Friday

Why not tell you a bit about my friends & family. My friend Howie wants to get knocked up, fortunately so does her husband. She’s documenting their journey over on WordPress, in a blog titled Better Baby Box. My sister is a painter, and has recently started a blog. Her blog’s over here, it’s called In The Paint. She’s pretty good. My apartment is one of her many galleries, I have two of her paintings hanging. My bestfriend and bestfriend-in-law can sometimes be the most domestic people in the universe, but they make fabulous food. You can read about their domestic Life at Number 71. You can also read about my… Read More »Follow Friday

These are a few of my favourite things…

Chinese: I’d say Finch Garden, but they closed, so I’ll have to go with Simon’s Wok. Kind of a hole-in-the-wall, but damn good Chinese food, oh and it’s 100% vegetarian. Roti: Roti Palace at Bathurst and Bloor is damn good. I suggest the two veg. roti, with spinach and squash. Pizza: Alberto’s is awesome, they deliver the best pizza, chicken, salads, pastas, fish & chips, subs, burgers & tex-mex etc! I used to live across the street from these guys, and it was the best thing ever, sadly, they don’t deliver to the part of Toronto I live in. Sushi: Who doesn’t love sushi? Mmm, sushi. I go between New… Read More »These are a few of my favourite things…


It seems that some people seem aghast by the fact that I’ll use the word geek to describe myself. What do I do for a living, “I’m a computer geek.” What do you do for fun, “I’m a photo geek,” or “I’m a music geek.” It seems that among parts of the population, geek is seen as an offensive term. Yet, not to those to whom the label applies. Geek is, I’d say the highest level of the quad-fecta of Nerd/dweeb/dork/geek, as it’s the only one without the social ineptitude. In other words, geeks get laid.1 Though, looking at the venn diagram (found above), I can’t actually say that I… Read More »Geek

Canada Cry

I did a bit of PHP scripting today. I decided to write a WordPress1 plugin, one which turns : canadacry : into    . YES! The platform which this blog is powered on. [↩]

I’m not too fond of Bell Canada

Got home yesterday, saw a brick propping open the door to my building. Then walking down the hallway, I saw a panel removed from the wall, and inside were telephone cables. I assumed Bell was there doing some work. I went to my apartment, noticed that I had no internet, not only that, on my modem, the DSL sync light wasn’t even flashing, it was just off. I assumed my dry loop was just inactive, as the Bell guys were doing work. I left my apartment, as I had stuff to do, but the Bell bozos were nowhere to be found. When I returned half an hour later, the Bell… Read More »I’m not too fond of Bell Canada

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15 facts about breasts… mmm, breasts. (Found through The Daily What) ZOMG! Muppet cupcakes! Gizmodo takes a look at historical piracy. Purty pictures. Barcelona Pavilion interviewed by Eye at Wavelength 500. Thanks @rochlatinsky What moron designed these airports? Can I put one in my iPod, yet?

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Louis Riel a traitor? Well yes. An elected member of parliament? Yes. A founder of Manitoba? Yes. A hero? Yes. Why doesn’t he deserve a statue? Ladies! It seems I embody all top four items that you ladies desire in man. Whatcha doin’ tonight? Every wondered why you see a rainbow when watering your lawn? It’s because something is oozing out of the ground. Or, maybe it’s because the water refracts the light. SCIENCE!