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I’m not too fond of Bell Canada

Got home yesterday, saw a brick propping open the door to my building. Then walking down the hallway, I saw a panel removed from the wall, and inside were telephone cables. I assumed Bell was there doing some work. I went to my apartment, noticed that I had no internet, not only that, on my modem, the DSL sync light wasn’t even flashing, it was just off. I assumed my dry loop was just inactive, as the Bell guys were doing work. I left my apartment, as I had stuff to do, but the Bell bozos were nowhere to be found.

When I returned half an hour later, the Bell guys were there. I told them I had no internet. They told me that absolutely, unequivocally it was unrelated to them. I looked at them like they were morons, but I still went into my apartment and checked to see if I had DSL. Nope. I called Bell. They told me it went out at a specific time which was 10 minutes before I returned home. Sounds to me like those bozos caused it. I asked them to direct the technicians to fix their mistake. They wouldn’t. The best they could do was schedule a technician when I was at work to come in.

What the fuck is wrong with Bell?

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