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Peter Davison

Doctor Who Serial 129 – The Five Doctors

Doctor Who loves that “One day, I shall come back” clip. Richard Hurndall doesn’t look much like William Hartnell. “Just a twinge of ‘Cosmic Angst.’” That’s my band name. Cosmic Angst. The nerdy teenagers will love it! God damn, just 30 seconds with Patrick Troughton makes me happy. He’s so good. Best Doctor. The Brigadier says that someone is his replacement and Troughton replies, “yes, mine was pretty unpromising, too.” Now I have no idea how he knows that as a character, but damn, I love that line, so much. Jon Pertwee’s abduction wasn’t as great as I would have wanted. Sarah Jane has a greater part to play in… Read More »Doctor Who Serial 129 – The Five Doctors

Doctor Who Serial 128 – The King’s Demons

Part One Can we talk about the disembodied heads in the opening credits for a second… why? Who thought this was a good idea? Who thought you should keep doing that 20 years later? They do it until the end of the classic run, and honestly, they shouldn’t. Oooo, a royal feast. Yum yum yum. If the King calls you “Lord Doctor,” does that mean you have a seat in the House of Lords? “We take your council, demon.” I’m liking this story already. So the king seems strange, and I know Anthony Ainley is in this episode. So I’m pretty sure that it’s the Master. The Doctor has 20… Read More »Doctor Who Serial 128 – The King’s Demons

Doctor Who Serial 127 – Enlightenment

Part One The Black Guardian is an asshole. That dude, is lookin’ good. Why not be nice to your friends? The Doctor can be such an asshole. YAAAAACHTS INNNNNNN SPAAAAAAAACE! Part Two Apparently Time is a small domain, and Eternity is much bigger. It’s Eternity a part of time? Hold her on course, man! Part Three Dum de dum dum de dum. A pirate’s life for me, eh Turlough? HAHAHA! The Doctor is replacing his celery! That’s the best scene of this really silly story. Part Four Well, this started with a great soundtrack. Wow, that dude is super desperate. Go take a cold shower! Well, I knew that tiara… Read More »Doctor Who Serial 127 – Enlightenment

Doctor Who Serial 124 – Snakedance

Part One I really hope this one doesn’t have the bad guy be a snake-esque species who spend forever saying one sentence because they put in too many Ses. “You are the Federated Son…” “The Federated Son wants to dance!” Sssssuuuumaaaahran empire. I bet. Snakes. The Federated Son’s lips are giant. Part Two The bad guy is Tegan, and she’s not overpronunciating her Ses. People should listen to the Doctor. Also, if this was written by Stephen Moffatt, the Doctor would be the one who did the Snakedance in the past. The gay moody teen in repose sounds like the baby from Family Guy. Part Three I like the Son… Read More »Doctor Who Serial 124 – Snakedance

Doctor Who Serial 123 – Arc of Infinity

Part One Well that was obvious that those were Time Lords, I guess they’re so well established by now that we know what to expect. “The Dutch are civilized, they’re not going to put you in jail for losing a passport.” I really expected it to be about cannabis. I hate when other people painfully superimpose themselves over me. Was that a weeping angel? Colin Baker! I wonder if we’ll ever see him again. The Doctor just shot the Doctor!!! That explains why no one liked Colin Baker. Part Two Aliens use lighting gels as paper. That’s how it should be. Good hair, Tegan. Now that I remember that Tegan… Read More »Doctor Who Serial 123 – Arc of Infinity

Doctor Who Serial 122 – Time-Flight

Part One Looks like they’re heading to Heathrow. The TARDIS showing up on RADAR seems like it breaks a lot of Doctor Who. Was there snow on the ground when the TARDIS was hovering over Heathrow? How did the plane lane on that landscape? Oh, wow they answered that. How is the makeup on Doctor Who so bad? It’s the 1980s. Even original Trek did better than this 20 years prior. I don’t know if that bad guy is a racist caricature, all I know is let’s assume it is… classic Who hasn’t has a great track record. Part Two Yeah, now that I see the facial hair in more… Read More »Doctor Who Serial 122 – Time-Flight

Doctor Who Serial 121 – Earthshock

Part One Those helmets are too big. Adric wants to leave. He won’t be missed… and now I see that this is his last story. Oh no! Cybermen! Part Two These androids might be the best looking Doctor Who baddy. It’s such a simple look. One android gets damaged and you run away? via GIPHY These Cybermen are so shocked at the humans being able to do anything. “Wait, they can walk? Oh my!” That bomb looks like a boombox. via GIPHY This previously on in terrible. And the person they got to voice the Cyberleader is a ridiculous choice. Part Three CyberClingFilm. So if a missle wouldn’t get through… Read More »Doctor Who Serial 121 – Earthshock

Doctor Who Serial 120 – Black Orchid

Part One I don’t understand cricket whatsoever. This is like the episode with James Corden when the Doctor goes to play soccer. This is such a charming episode. “What would you do with a cock tail in a bath?” Peter Davison knows the pain of tall people, he really had to crouch to see himself in that mirror. Nyssa’s clone just so happens to have an identical dress ready to go. Latoni’s voice has been terribly looped. That was quite the faint. I’m really enjoying this two parter. It’s a good pace, and a fun story. I wish classic Doctor Who had more two-parters. Part Two Well, this was a… Read More »Doctor Who Serial 120 – Black Orchid

Doctor Who Serial 119 – The Visitation

Part One Wow, the opening music cue really sets the tons of this Doctor Who story. Well, the butler was the first victim, so I guess he didn’t do it. “We’re under attack!” In walks the gayest robot, ever. I love gay robots. Adric’s version of fighting is to crawl on the ground and be something for the person to trip on. It’s been a long time since a companion has fallen and twisted his ankle. I like that it was a boy this time. Is that guy carrying styrofoam take out containers? Part Two That wall needs a sound effect like in Quantum Leap when Al walks through something.… Read More »Doctor Who Serial 119 – The Visitation

Doctor Who Serial 118 – Kinda

Part One Adric is a misogynist asshole. “The primitives,” “savages,” hooray for British colonialism. I’m not sure if I’m watching Doctor Who or the stereotype British soldier on Monty Python’s Flying Circus. Only 8 minutes in, and another instance of Adric’s misogyny. Oh! Kinda is pronounced like the Yiddish1 kinder (children). It’s the name of the indigenous people from this planet, not this story being kinda like something. The man in white face reminds me of Andy Kaufman. Thank Roddenberry for Star Trek and the depiction of human future that wasn’t just about colonization. Yes, you could make arguments for the Federation being colonial. HAHAHAHA! He even has a pith… Read More »Doctor Who Serial 118 – Kinda