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Doctor Who Serial 118 – Kinda

Part One

Adric is a misogynist asshole.

“The primitives,” “savages,” hooray for British colonialism.

I’m not sure if I’m watching Doctor Who or the stereotype British soldier on Monty Python’s Flying Circus.

Only 8 minutes in, and another instance of Adric’s misogyny.

Oh! Kinda is pronounced like the Yiddish1 kinder (children). It’s the name of the indigenous people from this planet, not this story being kinda like something.

The man in white face reminds me of Andy Kaufman.

Thank Roddenberry for Star Trek and the depiction of human future that wasn’t just about colonization. Yes, you could make arguments for the Federation being colonial.

HAHAHAHA! He even has a pith helmet.

Part Two

Who are these ladies with voices?

Oh my! The guy in the pith helmet turned into video.

Oh now there are more pith helmets.

Part Three

I like how the lady screamed before they even opened the box, and now the guy holding them prisoner is having a freakout because he is afraid of the dark.

Oh shit, they’re all turning VHS now.

The Kinda clown they hired is terrible. Either he’s never clowned professionally, or never done it for camera.

Oh shit! Everything’s going VHS!

Part Four

I found out Mango Language has a free Yiddish course. I did the first class. I learned how to say shalom aleichem. I already knew how to say that one. However, it’s making more likely to pronounce this episode like it’s Yiddish.

Adric keeps on being an asshole in every story. Oh, this is his last season. Good.

Mara is apparently a vampire.

Oh my! That is the most hilarious puppet!

  1. I guess you could say German, too. []

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