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Doctor Who Serial 121 – Earthshock

Part One

Those helmets are too big.

Adric wants to leave. He won’t be missed… and now I see that this is his last story.

Oh no! Cybermen!

Part Two

These androids might be the best looking Doctor Who baddy. It’s such a simple look.

One android gets damaged and you run away?


These Cybermen are so shocked at the humans being able to do anything. “Wait, they can walk? Oh my!”

That bomb looks like a boombox.


This previously on in terrible. And the person they got to voice the Cyberleader is a ridiculous choice.

Part Three


So if a missle wouldn’t get through because Earth is on red alert, and thus the Cybermen planted a bomb… how did the Cybermen get through?

That Cyberman has a wedgie!

Oh, the Cybermen are assholes. Killing their patsy.

Part Four

I like Tegan’s marauder outfit.

I can’t get over the CyberPerformer’s hilarious voice.

This CyberClingFilm fetish is hot.

I should’ve put two and two together, that the Cybermen destroy the dinosaurs.

That CyberLeader is very hard to kill.

Goodbye Adric, you were a dickhead.

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