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Doctor Who Serial 120 – Black Orchid

Part One

I don’t understand cricket whatsoever.

This is like the episode with James Corden when the Doctor goes to play soccer.

This is such a charming episode. “What would you do with a cock tail in a bath?”

Peter Davison knows the pain of tall people, he really had to crouch to see himself in that mirror.

Nyssa’s clone just so happens to have an identical dress ready to go.

Latoni’s voice has been terribly looped.

That was quite the faint.

I’m really enjoying this two parter. It’s a good pace, and a fun story. I wish classic Doctor Who had more two-parters.

Part Two

Well, this was a predictable turn of events.

I really like that the Doctor is proving his innocence in a murder by showing his TARDIS… He could be both an alien and a murderer. Oh, the cop is smart enough to say that, too.

As for the guy they keep tied up, they really should learn how to tie people up better.

I didn’t know you could make fires that only burn doors.

Aww, they couldn’t find a way out of this story without killing the “monster.”

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