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Doctor Who Story 276 – Twice Upon a Time

The 709 episodes ago is great.

I love old sexist Doctor.

“You may speak with her again,” and I really hope it’s Susan, but it’s Bill. No one needs Bill. She’s okay, but Susan would be better. I really wish it was Susan. The Doctor love Susan.

That ship of his is in need of a good deep clean.

The Doctor

Hartnell with a gay woman companion is wonderful.

What you need is a jolly good smacked bottom!

The Doctor to Bill (or Susan)

Mycroft’s Hitler haircut is terrible. Well, no one should have a Hitler haircut, even if they are 20 years too early for Hitler. What a jackass. Yes, I’m calling Adolf Hitler a jackass.

Awww, I forgot Mycroft is a Lethbridge-Stewart.

Putting this in the Christmas armistice makes it the best use of Christmas as a backdrop of a special.

Where are Ben and Polly?


They let his monologue go on a bit too long.


Doctor Who Story 275 – World Enough and Time/The Doctor Falls

World Enough and Time

Oh, we’re already starting with the regeneration? We’re three episodes away. He’s gonna be a woman.

I love Missy.

Well, I am that mysterious adventurer in all of time and space, known only as Doctor Who. And these are my disposables, Exposition and Comic Relief. 


Oh, you’re blue. Nice. I should go back to blue.


I wonder if he’s actually “Doctor Who” and I really hope he is.

Aww, Bill has a hole in herself.

Cybermen! Old-school Cybermen!

Woo! Time dilation!

Pain. Pain. Pain. Pain.

Razor is great. Is that John Simm playing him? I can’t tell, I’m reluctant to say I have face blindness, but I definitely don’t recognize people on television if they go from blonde to brunette. I think it is, mostly because of his voice.

And there’s Master music… why didn’t I guess he was John Simm when I watched this the first time.

Yeah, it’s totally John Simm.

It’s burglarring mask.

The Master

I want more of Nardole and Missy. I think Nardole might be the best companion of the modern Who era. He’s up there with Amy and Rory.

Give us a kiss.

The Master to Missy

The Doctor Falls

So is Bill the first proper Mondasian Cyberman? I inferred that she was the first one to get her emotions blocked, but then again, they could have been doing that before and she just hadn’t encountered those Cybermen, yet.

It’s interesting that Cybermen are only able to stop their conversion and access their individuality when they love the Doctor.

At least Bill gets to do some acting, even though she’s Cybered.

The look of the old-school Cybermen looks really good modernized.

I want the Masters to make out.

The Doctor caught up at the centre of that explosion, why is his skin not burnt and falling off? I don’t actually want to see that.

I’m going to miss Nardole.

How is Billbot Baggins still alive?

Billbot Baggins

I think that might be my crowning achievement for this blog.

Hey it’s liquid lady.

Now it’s Liquid Bill.

Oh, liquid lady put him in the TARDIS… that’s where he likes to regenerate.

I’m the pilot, I can fly anything, even you.


I like that Bill is leaving of her own free will, and off for a fun adventure that doesn’t require her death, but it’s wrong to just leave the Doctor’s corpse. She doesn’t really understand regeneration.

Aww, “I don’t want to go…” again. Why did they only show modern Who companions? I want to see Jamie, and they’re off to meet Hartnell, so where are Ian, Barbara and Susan?

It’s fake Hartnell!

Doctor Who Story 240 – The Day of the Doctor

“The Day of the Doctor” is the 50th anniversary special, but it was preceded and succeeded by many many other pieces that were airing throughout that year. This post will cover them all.

I’m going to add to this, that this 50th anniversary was what inspired me to watch every episode of Doctor Who. It took a long time to get this point. Almost 10 years. I’m proud of myself, good job Adam!

The Doctors Revisited: The First Doctor

“As a kid I found the Doctor terrifying,” said Neil Gaiman. Yeah, he was a complete asshole.

Oh nice, they got Ian to be interviewed.

The ladies are so overcome by emotion. Oh Barbara.

So they’re about to show “the Aztecs.” Good story.

The Doctors Revisited: The Second Doctor

YAY! Patrick Troughton!

YAY! Zoe!

YAY! Jamie! I really do think those three are the best TARDIS crew, ever.

I really wish more Troughton episodes were found.

Zoe was badass!

They’re showing “The Tomb of the Cybermen.” Yay!

The Doctors Revisited: The Third Doctor

“Difficult, pompous and really bad tempered” which probably why I never liked Pertwee.

The Doctors Revisited: The Fourth Doctor

“Tom Baker was the coolest thing of the 1970.” Umm…

“She was from a tribe of savages.” Yikes, David Tennant.

The Doctors Revisited: The Fifth Doctor

That’s nice that Peter Davison grew up watching Doctor Who. Hartnell and Troughton were his Doctors. A nice mirror to his son-in-law.

Davison had way too many companions.

“Earthshock” is the episode they’re showing.

The Doctors Revisited: The Sixth Doctor

Colin Baker seems to have a good outlook on how hated his Doctor was.

Compassion? Also, Peri not leaving after the Doctor tries to kill her still pisses me off.

Stop showing the same clip over and over again.

The Doctors Revisited: The Seventh Doctor

I liked McCoy’s silliness.

Oh god, his rolling Rs.

The Doctors Revisited: The Eighth Doctor

It was quite violent, because it was set in San Francisco.

Sylvester McCoy on the death of the 7th Doctor.

It’s nice that Grace is in this documentary.

It’s a shame Paul McGann wasn’t interviewed for this.

It’s just retelling the plot of this one episode, they should have done a focus on Big Finish stuff.

The Doctors Revisited: The Ninth Doctor

Eccelston was fun.

She has a nice job, in a nice shop, with a nice boyfriend.

Someone about Rose…

She did not have a nice job. It wasn’t a nice shop. Mickey is not a nice boyfriend.

I can’t find the tenth and eleventh. I don’t really care, though.

The Night of the Doctor

Yay! It’s Paul McGann’s second episode!!!

McGann is so calm as the Doctor.

His Doctor could have been great. Except for the screaming of “GET OUT! GET OUT!”

And now he’s John Hurt.

The Last Day

The last prequel was an event! We got to see McGann again, and see his regeneration into John Hurt. This one is boring. It also feels like a shitty video game.

An Adventure in Space and Time

Before I start watching, I want to state how much I hate how they portrayed Sydney Newman. Newman is a Torontonian. He speaks with a Toronto accent, like me. Here’s him talking.

And now here’s him with this weird New York accent…

Okay, on with the show.

David Bradley was a good choice to play William Hartnell.

The Cyberman costume looks so great and dinky in HD.

You know me! Pop! Pop! Pop!

Says the soft-spoken Canadian.

Oh, Varity is Jewish. Jews and Canadian, just what all good television needs.

Hahaha, his hands holding his lapel while giving a very Hartnell look.

I love the ladies’ hair.

I also love the teal on the Daleks.

Nice tie in with David Tennant there, “I don’t want to go.”

That Beatle wig is terrible on the fake Patrick Troughton.

The guy they got to play Matt Smith looks a lot like Matt Smith, though.

The short documentary after is quite sweet.

The Day of the Doctor

Yay! Original opening!

Why is Clara working as a teacher? She has no certifications. I’m sure that the Doctor arranged something through the headmaster Ian, but is that enough?

Can you snap with gloves?

Close the TARDIS door, Doctor!

The plot was moving so fast, then the Moment/Rose showed up.

That’s a bad painting of David Tennant.

I like David Tennant.

John Hurt’s smile seeing the Doctors doctoring is great.

Also, why is Kate Stewart stopping the countdown? She’s willing to die to save humanity, she has the Zygons there. She should just go ahead with it.

John Hurt is so good in this role.

David Tennant and Matt Smith should be in every episode of Doctor Who together.


John Hurt would have been a great Doctor.

Why are you playing Clara’s theme?

I love that they brought Tom Baker back. Also, I can’t believe they kept that quiet. Tom Baker is so good.

So many Doctors.

The Afterparty

That’s a shit-load of companions, and I love that Carole Ann Ford is willing to admit that she thinks the new Doctor Who is nothing like her show.

Eww, don’t get married on the Doctor Who anniversary.

Renewing your vows on your two year anniversary? That’s a bit short of a span.

She shouldn’t be calling people by their character names.

Colin Baker is wearing crocs.

Oh! Wilf came to Doc 7’s rescue, so he could play the spoons.

The Five(ish) Doctors Reboot

Olivia Colman!

The kid hiding behind the sofa.

Georgia is very pregnant.

I love Paul McGann in this.

The Tom Baker joke is brilliant.

Also, Peter Davison’s kids are way too young.

Georgia has too many children.

You lean on it, nothing happens. Doesn’t wobble at all.

Peter Davison about the then-current TARDIS set.

Hey, that was Frank Skinner. I know him from Taskmaster now.

The Day of the Doctor: Behind the Lens

Well that’s nice that Colin Baker gets to narrate this.

Nice that Osgood is actually a fan.

Doctor Who Story 239 – The Name of the Doctor

Clarence and the Whipsermen

The accent of the chained guy sounds like the stupid accent that Noel Fielding does in the Mighty Boosh.

The Name of the Doctor

Oh, I forgot that this is how it started… the Doctor stealing the TARDIS! That’s a fun little start. Too bad Clara’s story is really stupid, and she’s in all his life.

Oh, here’s Clarence.

I do love Strax the more we see him.

Why would him having travelled through time make his grave dangerous.

So far, this episode is just “we have to go somewhere.” Yet there’s no reason given why they have to go there. It’s just walking around. With no goal.

I feel like Moffat just wanted the past 2 seasons’ story to be this just so he could have people shouting “Doctor who??????” over and over again.

“It will burn you up! Once you go through, you can’t come back. You will be scattered along my timeline like confetti!”

The Doctor to The Great Intelligence

And yet, Clara can go and jump in and it’s fine? She can get out? They leave the cliffhanger as if that’s the big question, but then they just ignore it when they get to the 50th anniversary special.

It’s like my mum said, “The soufflé isn’t the soufflé. The soufflé is the recipe.” It’s the only way to save him, isn’t it?

Clara to River Song

What stupid bullshit is that?

None of this resolution makes any fucking sense. I say that knowing that they don’t actually resolve anything, leave it on a cliffhanger and just ignore it. Suddenly Clara’s a teacher, but that’s for another episode.

Hahaha, that guy in the William Hartnell wig looked so bad.

The ending with John Hurt is great, but maybe show how something wins. If you’re going to make getting out of the Doctor’s time stream possible, don’t sell it as something that rips you up like confetti. Put in peril, but don’t just wave it away because it wasn’t convenient. This is everything that is wrong with Moffat’s time as showrunner, and I think the show is worse because of his time in that role.

Doctor Who Serial 065 – The Three Doctors

Happy 10th season! To celebrate the start of Doctor Who‘s 10th anniversary, the producers put together “The Three Doctors,” an adventure featuring Jon Pertwee, Patrick Troughton, and William Hartnell all in the role of The Doctor.

The Time Lords are facing an energy drain. They must get help from The Doctor, but The Doctor is not enough, they cannot spare any other Time Lords, so they get The Doctor to help The Doctor. In comes Patrick Troughton. William Hartnell, however, was too ill as such, his Doctor got caught in a “time eddy” and provided help via the TARDIS’ built-in CRT television.

Brigadier General Alistair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart is an idiot. He refuses to believe anything either of the Doctors tell him. He’s known him for so long now that he should understand.

The Doctors must travel to the anti-mater universe where Omega1, the Time Lord responsible for their species’ ability to travel through time has been trapped for oh so long. Omega wants to return to the matter universe, and have The Doctor(s) stay there in his stead.

After they succeed, the second Doctor disappears and returns to his time, Dr. Tyler proclaims “now I’ve seen it all.” A man disappearing in front of him is more strange than traveling to a universe of anti-matter, meeting three extra-terrestrials, and that the British Armed Forces have a unit called UNIT that is involved in all this.

The episode ends with the third Doctor getting a dematerialization unit from the Time Lords. That means The Doctor is no longer exiled to Earth and ready to take off for some fun in the universe.

  1. Why can’t they pronounce omega right? []

Doctor Who Serial 029 – The Tenth Planet

So it turns out that serial 028, The Smugglers, is a missing story. Not a single episode exists. I had downloaded a reconstruction. Since that doesn’t interest me in the least, the fourth season premiere story will be skipped, and we’ll go on to The Tenth Planet.

Episodes 1-3 of The Tenth Planet exist, while episode 4 is lost in the ether. The BBC has animated it for DVD release, and that is what I shall be watching. This serial is rather special, as it is William Hartnell’s final story. This is the first time we see regeneration. Doctor Who will soon enter a new era as Patrick Troughton takes on the titular role and we will learn more about The Doctor’s mysteries. I have never seen this story…

This old body of mine is wearing a bit thin.” – The Doctor

Synopsis: Earth space command discovers a planet that is the opposite of Earth (well, it’s just upside down). Space Command doesn’t believe that The Doctor knows what it is, but he warns of some deadly visitors… The Cybermen.


It’s the FUTURE! December 1986. OOO EEE OOO!


In the future of the 1980s, the Cybermen invade. They’re very similar to the Borg, a species which takes living creatures and mechanizes them. Removing all emotions. However, in the first appearance of the Cybermen, this episode, they all sound like a robotisized Michael Palin. It’s mildly disconcerting.  The Cyberman have no interest in killing the humans, as long as they submit to assimilation.

Is it an odd aside that I really like the typeface used during the closing credits?


During episode three, The Doctor collapses… EEE!

They’re launching a rocket with a Z-Bomb towards Mondas, and The Doctor is unconscious… dum dum dum.


Ugh! The animation sucks again. They’re covered in Vaseline.

Ben and Polly all greased up
YES! A Cyberman finally said, “Resistance is useless!”

And thus, the Cybermen collapse, the menace is over, Ben frees Polly and The Doctor, and The Doctor stumbles towards the TARDIS where he collapses, and is PATRICK TROUGHTON!

That was actually a really great episode, the resolution needs a lot of work, but overall pretty damn enjoyable.

Serial 030 – The Power of The Daleks: All six episodes missing.

Serial 031 – The Highlanders: All four episodes missing. Introduces Jamie McCrimmon, the best companion, ever.

Serial 032 – The Underwater Menace: Two of four episodes missing. Will be animated and released on DVD in 2014. I will go back to this one.

Serial 033 – The Moonbase: Two of four episodes missing. Was animated and released on DVD a few days ago in the UK… has yet to be released on North America. I will go back to this one in the future.

Serial 034 – The Macra Terror: Completely missing.

Serial 035 – The Faceless Ones: Four of six episodes still missing. Ben and Polly leave.

Serial 036 – The Evil of the Daleks: Six of seven episodes missing. Victoria joins the cast.

And that ends season four. Yes no story from season four exists completely. Season five began with the classic Tomb of the Cybermen. See you soon.

Doctor Who Serial 027 – The War Machines


First things first. Stephen left during episode four of The Savages. We didn’t see it. It’s just The Doctor and Dodo, I hope he ditches her sometime soon1. They keep on trying to experiment. In The Chase was had ridiculous piano music. In The Gunfighters we had that terrible song. In this episode, The War Machines, we have a rather insane opening for each episode. I love-hate it so much, I had to upload it to YouTube.

The Doctor gets a strange feeling when looking at a building. He makes his way into a secret laboratory where the scientists have created a computer well ahead of its time, WOTAN. Dodo challenges WOTAN to tell her what TARDIS stands for, and *gasp* it’s able to. Dodo than chats with the scientist’s secretary, Polly. Polly invites Dodo out to a London night club where they meet a navy boy named Ben.

At the club, Dodo gets a phone call from WOTAN, as the supercomputer gathers its human pawns to prepare for battle. WOTAN’s plan is to create portable computers to help it conquer the world.


Wait, no… I think he meant these…


This feels like a prototype for what would eventually become the Jon Pertwee standard. It seems like the idea of an alien attack (in this case technology) leading to the military involvement was not something Doctor Who ever did before. It actually works quite well here. The Doctor holds back and only engages once the pawns have been destroyed and a victory can come about with words. This episode was completely original for Doctor Who and creates a very enjoyable episode.


Dodo left the story during episode two as she went to the country to recover. At the end of episode four, Ben and Polly relay to the Doctor that Dodo wishes to remain in London. Ben and Polly then remember to return the TARDIS key to The Doctor, the get in the TARDIS just as it is about to dematerialize.

Thus ends season 3. Next time… The Smugglers.

  1. Not much longer. []

Doctor Who Serial 023 – The Ark

Synopsis: The Doctor, Dodo, and Steven arrive on an ark which is taking the human population from a doomed Earth to a new planet. The guardians who are awake for this journey catch a cold from Dodo, and thus put The Doctor and his companions on trial.

After less than a minute, we learn that our monster of the week is Brian Jones!

Brian Jones of the Rolling Stones

Turns out they’re the Monoids, and they’re essentially slaves for the human population, but they imply that the Monoids are slaves voluntarily. Yeah, uh ha.

The legal minds who wrote this script must have a great experience in the court room. No evidence, no anything except conjecture.

Eventually The Doctor cures the illness and they respect them finally. They leave in the TARDIS only to return hundreds of years later. In this future, the Monoids are the masters, and the humans the slaves. The Monoids grow tired of The Doctor and orders “Take them away to the security kitchen!” I wonder what a security kitchen is. Turns out it’s just a kitchen where the slaves cook for the Monoids.

I remembered this story being better. The dramatic suspense is horrible, the story is not all that interesting. They have a great opportunity to discuss a subjugated peoples gaining power and systematically oppressing their former oppressors, but they don’t.

Serial 024, The Celestial Toymaker, is missing.

Doctor Who Serial 017 – The Time Meddler

Synopsis: The year is 1066, Harold II is king of England, Vikings are on their way to attack England, the Normans are preparing to invade. In a small English village, the TARDIS lands. The Doctor, Vicki, and Steven begin exploring. The Doctor follows the sound of monks chanting to find a victrola.


My lord, this is so much better than The Chase. This story is written by Dennis Spooner who wrote the excellent The Romans and The Reign of Terror. We meet a new character, The Meddling Monk, who is a member of Doctor’s race, the Time Lords. They don’t explicitly say this, as we still don’t know that The Doctor is a Time Lord, but it can be inferred.

The Monk wants to change Earth’s history for his own gain, and has setup modern weaponry on the shores of England to protect against the incoming Vikings. His plan would stop Harold’s fleets from going to war with the Vikings and thus leaving the Saxon’s able to hold back the Norman invasion.

It’s another episode which is great for questioning interference with the past.


So here’s the fun part. This was serial 017 and the second season finale.

Season three begins with serial 018 called Galaxy 4. A four-parter with three missing episodes.

Then we have a missing one parter called Mission To The Unknown. I doesn’t have any of the regular cast and is a prequel to The Daleks’ Master Plan.

Serial 20 is The Myth Makers. In it, Vicki leaves the series, and Katarina joins the cast. No episodes are known to exist.

Serial 21 is a 12-parter called The Daleks’ Master Plan. Nine episodes are missing. This is the first episode to feature Nicholas Courtney, though he isn’t playing the role of the Brigadier. This is the final story with Katarina as a companion, and the only with Sara as a companion.

Serial 22 is The Massacre of St Bartholomew’s Eve, and no episodes of this story exist. It introduces us to the Doctor’s latest companion, Dodo.

Serial 23 is The Ark, and it EXISTS! Next time, on Never Had To Fight.

Doctor Who Serial 016 – The Chase

Farewell Barbara and Ian, hello Steven.

Synopsis: The Daleks chase The Doctor through time and space.

After a repeat of the finale of the previous story, we get a piano introduction that feels like it came out of Mr. Dressup.

The episode opens with The Doctor tinkering with a “Time-Space Visualizer,” trying to get it to work. Essentially it’s a TV that shows images from any time and space. Ian suggests they watch Lincoln’s Gettysburg address, while Barbara wants to watch Elizabeth I and Shakespeare who The Doctor will eventually meet again… and marry one of them, too.

Elizabeth I and Shakespeare

Whereas Vicki wants to listen to some classical music, and thus we have the only surviving footage of The Beatles on Top of the Pops. “Of course I know about them, I’ve been to their memorial theatre in Liverpool.”

The Beatles

With the exception of a few seconds of “Ticket To Ride,” it’s 11 minutes of useless garbage at the beginning of the a six-part story.

The TARDIS lands on a planet in a binary star system and The Doctor gives Ian a magnetic compass1 while Barbara and The Doctor suntan. Eventually Barbara finds the visualizer to be showing The Daleks. The Daleks are discussing that their time machine now works, and that they’ve found the TARDIS. They’re going to chase The Doctor and his companions. *GASP!*

God, let’s just listen to more Beatles. Damn, I love Ringo’s drumming on this song.

While that was good music, whoever scored this episode should be shot.

While Barbara and The Doctor are looking for Ian and Vicki to warn them, Ian and Vicki find an opening with a ladder, they head down, and having never learned from their mistakes in the past, make their presence known. After a sandstorm, The Doctor and Barbara are lost from the TARDIS, and a Dalek rises from the sand… ooo eee ooo.

Dalek rises from the sand.

Whoever on the production team okayed Daleks in sand was an idiot. If the monsters can’t move effectively, they become a joke.

So this planet was a lush ocean planet, and only two species survived, one humanoid species with gills and the squid like creatures. The humanoids are going to kill the squids.

Oh my god! This soundtrack is TERRIBLE.

So according to this episode, The Doctor built the TARDIS… I think he’s a liar.

Again, they’re doing that horrible thing where Daleks talk amongst themselves. It doesn’t work!


They’re going to New York… I was just there. This guy’s New York accent is terrible.

The obnoxious Alabaminain (is that what they’re called) is apparently Peter Purves who will be a new companion as Steven Taylor in episode six.

Yes! The Daleks are invading a clipper ship. I only know that term because of Guinan.

Jeez, if the Daleks invade your boat, you don’t jump into the ocean, you push the Daleks into the ocean.

Apparently the ship is the Mary Celeste, whose wikipedia page has this to offer…

The Doctor Who serial The Chase (1965) suggested that the arrival of time-travelling Daleks caused the terrified crew of the ship to jump overboard.

Thank you, internet.

It’s been a week, now onto part 4. Will I ever finish this serial? I want cereal.

Oh, that’s a place to fight Daleks, in a Scooby Doo house.

They find Frankenstein’s monster, yet behind Ian is a Dalek. They never mention it… what’s going on?!?!


Oh, this time the Dalek moves, and apparently Frankenstein’s Monster is immune to Dalek weaponry. Oh, and so is Dracula.

Uh oh! The TARDIS left Vicki in the Scooby Doo house, but she’s hitching a ride with the Dalek TARDIS which is running away from Frankenstein who took out one Dalek. It turns out it’s just a haunted house.


God, more Daleks talking amongst themselves. They’re going to clone The Doctor.

HAHAHA! The Doctor clone is amazing! He’s so laissez-faire towards his Dalek masters. “Yes, yes, I know, infiltrate and kill.”

If Vicki was smart, she would’ve smashed the robot Doctor. AND OMG he’s not even played by William Hartnell.

Watch out Barbara! He’s a robit!


They wake up. They’re surrounded. The Doctor pretends to be the robot, the Daleks see through his ruse, he runs away. They’re cornered. A door opens and the aliens say something robot-like and indecipherable. The Doctor and his companions go with the aliens.

Have you noticed that we haven’t seen any life other than the robots… as if on queue out comes Steven Taylor, new companion.


The Doctor now has four companions. That’s a busy TARDIS.

They decide to break out of the zoo they’re captured in by lowering themselves down thousands of feet from the roof.

The Mechanoid vs. Dalek battle scene is horrible.

Stay awake, Adam. Only five more minutes.

They’ve found the empty Dalek TARDIS, and Barbara quickly realizes that they can go home. The Doctor helps them go to London in 1965, and Barbara and Ian have the cheesiest montage, ever.

The Doctor is not so happy they made it safely back, because he “shall miss them.” What a selfish jackass.



  1. Facepalm []