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Doctor Who Serial 029 – The Tenth Planet

So it turns out that serial 028, The Smugglers, is a missing story. Not a single episode exists. I had downloaded a reconstruction. Since that doesn’t interest me in the least, the fourth season premiere story will be skipped, and we’ll go on to The Tenth Planet.

Episodes 1-3 of The Tenth Planet exist, while episode 4 is lost in the ether. The BBC has animated it for DVD release, and that is what I shall be watching. This serial is rather special, as it is William Hartnell’s final story. This is the first time we see regeneration. Doctor Who will soon enter a new era as Patrick Troughton takes on the titular role and we will learn more about The Doctor’s mysteries. I have never seen this story…

This old body of mine is wearing a bit thin.” – The Doctor

Synopsis: Earth space command discovers a planet that is the opposite of Earth (well, it’s just upside down). Space Command doesn’t believe that The Doctor knows what it is, but he warns of some deadly visitors… The Cybermen.


It’s the FUTURE! December 1986. OOO EEE OOO!


In the future of the 1980s, the Cybermen invade. They’re very similar to the Borg, a species which takes living creatures and mechanizes them. Removing all emotions. However, in the first appearance of the Cybermen, this episode, they all sound like a robotisized Michael Palin. It’s mildly disconcerting.  The Cyberman have no interest in killing the humans, as long as they submit to assimilation.

Is it an odd aside that I really like the typeface used during the closing credits?


During episode three, The Doctor collapses… EEE!

They’re launching a rocket with a Z-Bomb towards Mondas, and The Doctor is unconscious… dum dum dum.


Ugh! The animation sucks again. They’re covered in Vaseline.

Ben and Polly all greased up
YES! A Cyberman finally said, “Resistance is useless!”

And thus, the Cybermen collapse, the menace is over, Ben frees Polly and The Doctor, and The Doctor stumbles towards the TARDIS where he collapses, and is PATRICK TROUGHTON!

That was actually a really great episode, the resolution needs a lot of work, but overall pretty damn enjoyable.

Serial 030 – The Power of The Daleks: All six episodes missing.

Serial 031 – The Highlanders: All four episodes missing. Introduces Jamie McCrimmon, the best companion, ever.

Serial 032 – The Underwater Menace: Two of four episodes missing. Will be animated and released on DVD in 2014. I will go back to this one.

Serial 033 – The Moonbase: Two of four episodes missing. Was animated and released on DVD a few days ago in the UK… has yet to be released on North America. I will go back to this one in the future.

Serial 034 – The Macra Terror: Completely missing.

Serial 035 – The Faceless Ones: Four of six episodes still missing. Ben and Polly leave.

Serial 036 – The Evil of the Daleks: Six of seven episodes missing. Victoria joins the cast.

And that ends season four. Yes no story from season four exists completely. Season five began with the classic Tomb of the Cybermen. See you soon.

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