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Tom Baker

Doctor Who Serial 109 – The Leisure Hive

Part One I’m so excited. John Leeson is back as K9. Oh shit, this is when the credits got super ’80s, and it looks like John Nathan-Turner is now the show runner until cancellation. Wait! K9 can literally explode with contact with water? That seems… stupid. Wow, the production seems like a night and day difference. And the music is garbage. It is nice to be brought into a board meeting. Those are fun at work, I just love them in my sci-fi. So they bring us into a board meeting where one decision was made, then the next scene, the exact opposite opinion is decided. Oh, the first appearance… Read More »Doctor Who Serial 109 – The Leisure Hive

Doctor Who Serial X – Shada

Part One Wow, this opening is wonderful. “SHADA!” I’ve never seen “Shada” before, so this should be a romp, or it will be terrible. Tom is having a ridiculous soliloquy. I wonder how much of this is going to be Tom Baker talking to himself. Oh, we get opening credits! Sleeping with your buddies is fun… More fun when you’re all sleeping around a ball on a glowing pyramid. Is that Robert Webb? That dude looks a lot like Robert Webb. OH MY GOD! EVERYONE OTHER THAN ROBERT WEBB IS DOING A LITTLE SEAT DANCE! Professor Chronotis? I’m guessing this guy is a time traveller. He pulls a book fresh… Read More »Doctor Who Serial X – Shada

Doctor Who Serial 107 – Nightmare of Eden

Part One I’m loving this jaunty tune, perhaps the best piece of soundtrack from Doctor Who. That co-pilot is an asshole. Thank farts the Doctor just arrived. I forgot that K9’s voice is wrong. It’s been some time since I watched some classic Doctor Who. Took November and December off from Doctor Who, it was well needed. Uh oh, the Doctor chose a bad cover. Co-pilot is a drug-runner! Part Two They really need to work on their monsters. These are so ridiculously bad. Wait! Is the Doctor chasing an Elvis impersonator? Shit, I think he is. It’s a train full of Elvis impersonators! The cops fell for the oldest… Read More »Doctor Who Serial 107 – Nightmare of Eden

Doctor Who Serial 106 – The Creature from the Pit

Part One Yes! Ritualistic murder. K9’s voice is horrible. I like Romana being his “Commander.” Yes, ma’am! Aww, their murder is done by democracy. I like the engineers. Part Two I like the pet plants attacking K9. Hahaha, the Doctor pulling out a book on climbing Everest, it being in Tibet, then pulling out a book to teach yourself Tibetan… all while hanging on a cliff-face. That might be the best joke in the series so far… all 17 seasons. So much slapping in this season of Doctor Who. The creature from the pit looks like a penis. I like the Nostradamus hanging out in the pit. I expected her… Read More »Doctor Who Serial 106 – The Creature from the Pit

Doctor Who Serial 105 – City of Death

Part One They’re doing some really loud construction in my building at 8am. They didn’t tell us about this. This is annoying. It’s my day off. Ugh. This alien is made up of a pile of worms, I think. This ad for Paris seems a bit weird. Also, the Doctor and Romana need to stop jaywalking. They’re in a time loop. This is probably the most expensive Doctor Who episode until the 1990s. There’s gonna be a heist. I don’t know what the professor’s accident is supposed to be, but he sounds like Natasha from Rocky & Bullwinkle. “Moose and squirrel.” That shot through the postcard stand is the most… Read More »Doctor Who Serial 105 – City of Death

Doctor Who Serial 104 – Destiny of the Daleks

Part One Really? That’s how they regenerate Romana. She just chooses her body and wants to be Adria? No reasoning for why she was dying? “Well, it’s not a flying saucer.” No, Doctor, it’s a flying cone. Those mop wigs are horrendous. Second Romana kinda reminds me of Jodie Whittaker, except 12 years old. They’re on Skaro, who would’ve thought that would happen in an episode titled “Destiny of the Daleks.” Part Two I’m kinda glad this is a four part episode, the six parters drag. DAMN! That was the best Dalek intro in the series yet, crashing through the glass was incredible. Yes! Go Terry Nation! The effect was… Read More »Doctor Who Serial 104 – Destiny of the Daleks

Doctor Who Serial 103 – The Key To Time Parts 21-26: The Armageddon Factor

Part One Here we are, the final story of the season. The end of Romana I, the end of the key to time. it starts with the worst chromakey I’ve seen on this show. The roof caves in, “it’s alright it’s alright.” Could they be more British? It’s nuclear war on Adria. Is that the name of the country? I bet the bad guys are gone. Looks like I’m right. The princess looks like a 12 year old. Poor K9. He doesn’t seem right and the Doctor klonks him on the nose. I think the Marshall is the Black Guardian. K9 is a good doggie. Part Two Well, I’m wrong… Read More »Doctor Who Serial 103 – The Key To Time Parts 21-26: The Armageddon Factor

Doctor Who Serial 102 – The Key To Time Parts 17-20: The Power Of Kroll

Part One HAHAHA That hoverboat in the sped up film is hilarious. Companions… always getting kidnapped. You’d think that after the last story Romana would be more careful. More canoeing, but these guys don’t know how to canoe. J-Stroke! The green people in loincloths are going to flash Romana by accident. Doctor Who has a hard-on for colonialism. Part Two Gah, the portrayal of the aboriginal peoples of this planet is horrific. Kroll is amazing. Killing your enemy’s god is a bad idea. You’d never hear on Star Trek a crew member reply to a call to the bridge with, “NOW???” What a whiney asshole. Part Three Kroll’s power comes… Read More »Doctor Who Serial 102 – The Key To Time Parts 17-20: The Power Of Kroll

Doctor Who Serial 101 – The Key To Time Parts 13-16: The Androids of Tara

Part One Doctor Who should spend more time in the Doctor’s wardrobe. Wow, that outfit is horrific. I love purple, but I don’t love whatever that is. Romana is being stalked. I assume by a wild animal. Maybe the beast’s prey is naturally a disgusting purple? Hahaha! The beast is like the cross between a sloth, monkey, and a man in a gorilla suit. This knight is a creepy dude who wants to bone Romana. “Do what I say, or I shall have you flogged,” I think she wants him to flog her. Part Two Why does that bed have a human shaped cut out? Where the comfy material is… Read More »Doctor Who Serial 101 – The Key To Time Parts 13-16: The Androids of Tara

Doctor Who Serial 100 – The Key To Time Parts 9-12: The Stones of Blood

Part One That’s nice, the Doctor admitted that Earth is his favourite planet. I like this old lady who can’t remember any dates. The crow looks evil because crows are evil. Not one of these people seems not evil. Part Two It’s a Time Lord sacrifice, not a Human sacrifice. Wow, that old lady can’t remember a single line of hers. Part Three That feather outfit is extraordinary as old lady said. The old lady’s acting reminds me of William Hartnell, aka, bad. Part Four I feel that Vivan’s outfit was designed just so someone could paint her boobs silver. Haha! The Doctor’s wig is brilliant.