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Doctor Who Serial 103 – The Key To Time Parts 21-26: The Armageddon Factor

Part One

Here we are, the final story of the season. The end of Romana I, the end of the key to time.

it starts with the worst chromakey I’ve seen on this show.

The roof caves in, “it’s alright it’s alright.” Could they be more British?

It’s nuclear war on Adria. Is that the name of the country?

I bet the bad guys are gone. Looks like I’m right.

The princess looks like a 12 year old.

Poor K9. He doesn’t seem right and the Doctor klonks him on the nose.

I think the Marshall is the Black Guardian.

K9 is a good doggie.

Part Two

Well, I’m wrong about who the Black Guardian is.

That door can barely hold back the Doctor. I don’t think it could hold back radiation.

K9 is going to melt!!!

YAY! K9 is okay.

“Resistance is useless.” Star Trek really ratchetted this up a notch.

That skull of jell-o does not look tasty.


Part Three

Goopy skull is an idiot. The Marshall’s a bigger idiot.

Shit’s gettin’ real.

K9 is getting some real sass. I appreciate that.

Part Four

He’s trying to create his own segment of the key? If it’s that easy to manufacture, they Time Lords could just make one!

Astra is totally the Black Guardian.

Part Five

Astra still looks 12. Isn’t she and the Doctor gonna get hitched in real life. I just Googled and she’s like 28 at this point. Her Wikipedia photo was taken in 2014 and she still looks 12.

Wait, according to Wikipedia, she’s going to play Romana??? What???

Just kidding, I knew that.

I like Drax, this blue collar Time Lord. “I thought somebody knicked it.”

Part Six

Haha, tiny Doctor.

Bugger, villain has the key to time

Tiny Doctor and Drax jumping out of K9 is tight.

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