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Doctor Who Serial 105 – City of Death

Part One

They’re doing some really loud construction in my building at 8am. They didn’t tell us about this. This is annoying. It’s my day off. Ugh.

This alien is made up of a pile of worms, I think.

This ad for Paris seems a bit weird. Also, the Doctor and Romana need to stop jaywalking.

They’re in a time loop.

This is probably the most expensive Doctor Who episode until the 1990s.

There’s gonna be a heist.

I don’t know what the professor’s accident is supposed to be, but he sounds like Natasha from Rocky & Bullwinkle. “Moose and squirrel.”

That shot through the postcard stand is the most inventive camera work in Doctor Who history, and it could’ve worked if the stand didn’t wobble, but it is Doctor Who.

Oh yeah! I’m right. It’s a heist.

Part Two

Yay! Wormface’s Human mask is incredible.

Mmm, chicken.

They’re deflecting the laser beams, and by doing that, interrupting them with the wall. Yet it doesn’t set off the alarm.

Boom! He’s a time traveler!

Part Three

I love villains who provide exposition before killing the hero.

I love the Doctor mesmerizing the guard with a polaroid picture. Though the tap on the chin is confusing. How did that knock the guy out?

Nice kimono.

This is the most melodramatic that Doctor Who has ever been.

I feel like Romana is forgotten in this story.

Part Four

We have to watch the professor’s death again. It was so long and bad.

So wormface married a human face.

What a fantastic show of love, you give your wife a bracelet that lets you murder her.

Hello John Cleese! That was lovely.

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