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Sylvester McCoy

Doctor Who Story 240 – The Day of the Doctor

“The Day of the Doctor” is the 50th anniversary special, but it was preceded and succeeded by many many other pieces that were airing throughout that year. This post will cover them all. I’m going to add to this, that this 50th anniversary was what inspired me to watch every episode of Doctor Who. It took a long time to get this point. Almost 10 years. I’m proud of myself, good job Adam! The Doctors Revisited: The First Doctor “As a kid I found the Doctor terrifying,” said Neil Gaiman. Yeah, he was a complete asshole. Oh nice, they got Ian to be interviewed. The ladies are so overcome by… Read More »Doctor Who Story 240 – The Day of the Doctor

Doctor Who Story 239 – The Name of the Doctor

Clarence and the Whipsermen The accent of the chained guy sounds like the stupid accent that Noel Fielding does in the Mighty Boosh. The Name of the Doctor Oh, I forgot that this is how it started… the Doctor stealing the TARDIS! That’s a fun little start. Too bad Clara’s story is really stupid, and she’s in all his life. Oh, here’s Clarence. I do love Strax the more we see him. Why would him having travelled through time make his grave dangerous. So far, this episode is just “we have to go somewhere.” Yet there’s no reason given why they have to go there. It’s just walking around. With… Read More »Doctor Who Story 239 – The Name of the Doctor

Doctor Who Story 156 – Doctor Who: The Television Movie

Here it is, the first episode of a new era of Doctor Who. Here it is, the last episode of a new era of Doctor Who. Well for those who don’t know, it was a co-production of Universal, Fox and the BBC. Filmed in Vancouver, BC, this was the first and only full-length televised outing for Paul McGann as the Doctor. He would reprise his role for a short just prior to the 50th anniversary special, and in audio dramas for Big Finish. So the Master was tried on Skaro, I guess by the Daleks. Why would the Daleks grant any request, let alone one involving the Doctor? New TARDIS… Read More »Doctor Who Story 156 – Doctor Who: The Television Movie

Doctor Who Serial xx – Dimensions in Time

Part One Jon Pertwee looks great! I have no idea who this person Pertwee is talking to, but it’s just the intro. Wow, those models of Hartnell and Troughton are terrible. As is this version of the theme, terrible. Tom Baker is great, “the grumpy one and the flautist.” McCoy’s hair is too long, the hippy! Wow, that doesn’t look like 2013. I feel like they’re trying to smoosh in too many lines for too many people. Susan looks good. I forgot how much I hate Peri’s terrible accent. I’m voting for Big Ron. Part Two “We’re helping Children in Need in Crinkly Bottom” wait, what??? Of course, Bessy makes… Read More »Doctor Who Serial xx – Dimensions in Time

Doctor Who Serial 154 – The Curse of Fenric

Part One That might be a first. Subtitled in Doctor Who. Wow those Naval cadets are useless. Oh look, Nazis. Old television, stop reminding us about modern problems. Ace, you’re stupid! Swimming is great! I miss having a swimming pool. Stupid pandemic, let my building reopen our swimming pool, or make it spring and make my lake melt. Well, I just read an interesting fact from the TARDIS Data Core… A reference to Ace having lost her virginity was removed from the script, as it was felt this was unsuitable for a programme aimed at a family audience. (Ace’s character outline specified that Sabalom Glitz had done the honours.) I can’t believe… Read More »Doctor Who Serial 154 – The Curse of Fenric

Doctor Who Serial 153 – Ghost Light

Part One Victorian times, again. Doctor Who likes Victorian times. The show’s been on so long, that maybe it started in Victorian times. I like Ace’s shirt. The sound mixing is terrible. It’s like a Christopher Nolan film. I can’t make out the dialogue under the incidental music. I have no idea what is going on. I don’t like Ace’s tux. I remember having a discussion with a coworker when Doctor Who relaunched in 2005, and he said he didn’t like that it was a serial like the original. He was very wrong. Part Two Steamed buns are good. This one is filled with a spicy tofu recipe from Maangchi.… Read More »Doctor Who Serial 153 – Ghost Light

Doctor Who Serial 152 – Battlefield

It’s incredible. Season 26, the final season of Doctor Who. It’s been a long journey. Part One The Brigadier is back, and he’s old and retired. And now we have UNIT and a new Brigadier. She’s a lady. “Too late, we’ve already arrived.” Then the TARDIS appears. He was wrong. It’s a knight on an elevator! I thought maybe that would be psychic paper, but it’s Liz Shaw’s old credentials. This Brigadier needs to be briefed. Lethbridge-Stewart’s daughter is much better at knowing what came before her. Once again, there are two BIPOC in this story. Doctor Who is getting better. One of them is even the leader of UNIT.… Read More »Doctor Who Serial 152 – Battlefield

Doctor Who Serial 151 – The Greatest Show in the Galaxy

Part One Nice whip. Oh god, terrible 1980s rapping. Aww, she’s got Tom Baker’s scarf. That is the raddest tricycle I’ve ever seen. So a robot materializes in the TARDIS and runs an advertisement. Somehow I think that’s the most realistic thing I’ve ever seen in Doctor Who. Oh and it’s individualized advertisements. I assume that robot is what Facebook eventually becomes. The guy on the trike has the best hat ever! Those bat wings are great. Also, is that Rob Brydon? Both the driver and our heroes had 10 minutes to see one another, there’s no reason they should have come so close. Wow, two BIPOC in this episode.… Read More »Doctor Who Serial 151 – The Greatest Show in the Galaxy

Doctor Who Serial 150 – Silver Nemesis

Holy crap! 150 serials in! This is incredible. I’m on my seventh Doctor. 25th season. 150th serial. “The serial marks the final appearance of the Cybermen in the original run.” DELETE! Part One Fucking hell. I have to deal with Nazis in real life, and now on Doctor Who, too? Ace and the Doctor are enjoying some smooth jazz in a garden. Ace, I also hope your tape is alright. It’s 1988, the Doctor makes Ace a boombox and he doesn’t include a CD player? While he was at it, he should’ve put in an MP3 player. Time travelling wizards? “We won’t harm you,” says the Doctor to some Nazis…… Read More »Doctor Who Serial 150 – Silver Nemesis

Doctor Who Serial 149 – The Happiness Patrol

Part One HAHAHAHA! There’s a literal happiness patrol. The streets of this city looks a lot like a soundstage floor. I think that’s the first use of Theta Sigma. So if you’re unhappy you get killed by blood and viscera? The angry robot wife is really weird. Wow, that Go Kart needs a tune up. Well, it broke down, that’s not surprising. Part Two I love the robot’s spinning eyes. I love that the unhappy people are the “killjoys.” Part Three Happiness Patrol Got Talent. That puppet is terrible. The Doctor and harmonica man are gonna jam. So the robot is called the “Candy Man?” The Doctor is so indignant.