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Doctor Who Story 156 – Doctor Who: The Television Movie

Here it is, the first episode of a new era of Doctor Who.

Here it is, the last episode of a new era of Doctor Who.

Well for those who don’t know, it was a co-production of Universal, Fox and the BBC. Filmed in Vancouver, BC, this was the first and only full-length televised outing for Paul McGann as the Doctor. He would reprise his role for a short just prior to the 50th anniversary special, and in audio dramas for Big Finish.

So the Master was tried on Skaro, I guess by the Daleks. Why would the Daleks grant any request, let alone one involving the Doctor?

New TARDIS looks cozy.

Gooey Master.

That is the most undignified death for a Doctor, just walking out of his TARDIS to a stream of bullets. But I guess he is in America now.

This guy’s friends get shot and he ignores them and only helps the Doctor and calls and ambulance for him.

HAHAHAHA! He’s at the opera, with her opera glasses and gloves with a single tear. That is the most amazing intro to a character, ever.

So the Doctor didn’t actually die from the bullet wounds and would be fine if they didn’t do exploratory surgery due to his two hearts.

He was just involved in a shootout, why is there is no police.

Eric Roberts is about to possessed by gooey snake Master.

I can understand Brits not liking this, it is filled with annoying Americans.

Okay that goo snake is way too Stargate.

Yikes, that strip of light over the Doctor’s eyes as he sits up as McGann. We’re 1/3 of the way into this movie and McGann just showed up. A regeneration is story seems like a bad place to start Doctoring, but Matt Smith’s I think is a great jumping off point. So much of that is thanks to the girl who played a young Amy Pond. She did a fantastic job.

That piano music over the shot of a sleeping Grace was too reminiscent of a cheesy ’80s sitcom changing scenes.

Why does someone have a scarf in San Francisco and why do they need a scarf that long?

The Master’s wife is kinky af.

HAHAHAHA! He sees a clock and just says “time.” That’s amazing.

Don’t burn an XRay, that’s going to smell bad. Good thing it was just one XRay and not all the other ones they took.

Wow, Eric Roberts is a bad actor, and why is he wearing a cop badge?

Yay! It’s bigger on the inside.

How did the Master get into the locked TARDIS?

They’re really focused on the 12 regenerations and can’t stop talking about it.

This is so much worse than I remember.

45 minutes into this story until he knows who the fuck he is.

“The Doctor is half human!” Well that is gonna get retconned pretty quickly.

She calls 911, “yes, yes, I’ll hold.”

Wait, the Doctor can walk through walls?

The chickens are a nice touch.

No one is pulling over for the police or paramedics.

Only one person is allowed up there, I don’t think it’s the access card that is the actual limiting factor.

The Master gooed all those people.

“Stay calm, remain inside.” That’s what businesses said to their employees on 9/11.

Whoever decided to shoot this conversation through the column should be fired.

God, this is so bloody bad.

Wow, that kiss between the Master and Grace was Ghost Boy-level bad.

So many lightning effects.

Grace knows a lot about the internal workings of the TARDIS.

I don’t think the writers of this show understand time travel at all. In the words of Dr. Emmett L. Brown, “you’re not thinking fourth dimensionally.”

Did the Master just say to the Doctor, “you are my life.” That’s sweet, if not a bit creepy. Play it cool, Master.

So the Master now lives in the Eye of Harmony? I guess until at some point in the Time War when he’s released?

That gold lighting, according to 2005’s Doctor Who means regeneration. So I guess Grace and Chang Lee are regenerated? Wait, I guess that’s what happened to Rose… so these people can now bring people back to life? Are they like Captain Jack? I dunno.

Remember the turn of the millennium? Good times.

Wow, that was so much worse than I remembered.

The shot looking up at him beside his TARDIS is the most Doctor Who shot.

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