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Doctor Who Serial xx – Doctor Who and the Curse of Fatal Death

Well, it’s Steven Moffat’s first time writing Doctor Who. It won’t be his last. And he’ll get much better at it, and then he’ll get much worse at it.

Part One

The Master is wonderfully moustache twirling.

Rowan Atkinson as the Doctor is reminiscent of Pertwee.

This might be the genesis of Moffat’s time on Doctor Who, because this anticipating all the traps is very similar of how Capaldi’s Doctor will be.

The Master should learn not to team up with the Daleks. It never works.

The Master with a walker is the best joke in this.

“These corridors all look the same!”

Part Two

The recap is a bit too long.

The “we will explain later” joke is great. As is “5 Dalek minutes.”

The regeneration effect is very similar to the Eccleston one.

“You’re the camp one.”

It’s funny, because he has breasts (eye roll).

“Doctor!” “Oh, assistant!”

Ah! The joke is that the Doctor can be a woman. Oh and the assistant doesn’t want her anymore. This seems very Moffat.

Had some fun points, but also, Moffat sometimes don’t see the right jokes.

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