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Doctor Who Serial 154 – The Curse of Fenric

Part One

That might be a first. Subtitled in Doctor Who.

Wow those Naval cadets are useless.

Oh look, Nazis. Old television, stop reminding us about modern problems.

Ace, you’re stupid! Swimming is great! I miss having a swimming pool. Stupid pandemic, let my building reopen our swimming pool, or make it spring and make my lake melt.

Well, I just read an interesting fact from the TARDIS Data Core…

A reference to Ace having lost her virginity was removed from the script, as it was felt this was unsuitable for a programme aimed at a family audience. (Ace’s character outline specified that Sabalom Glitz had done the honours.)

I can’t believe she boned Hopalong Glitz.

Part Two

Maybe it’s time for Ace to take off the hair net.

I think Sylvester McCoy could make a really good serious Doctor. I feel bad that hist stories are so hit and miss.

Old lady yelling at the young girls about the devil feels very American.

The young ladies are sirens.

I’ve lost track of the story. I think I’ve watched too much Doctor Who in the past few days, but I’m so close to the end.

“Objects can’t hurt us.” He should have thrown the bible at them.

Part Three

Ouch Ace, don’t assume ladies with babies as not married.

That stone wall looks to be made of Styrofoam.

That rolling ladder should be standard supply for Doctor Who companions.

Someone calling out the Doctor is perfect and needs to happen more. This is the best scene between Ace and the Doctor, and maybe one of the best in Doctor Who.

Part Four

The lady in uniform with the baby look kinda like Kristin Schaal.

The creature from the deep looks horrible, and I love it!

Looking at those women with their giant fingernails makes me wonder how they use their iPhones.

Doctor Who is getting more time travelesque storytelling.

That was definitely a better episode. I like Ace and McCoy.

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