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Doctor Who Serial 153 – Ghost Light

Part One

Victorian times, again. Doctor Who likes Victorian times. The show’s been on so long, that maybe it started in Victorian times.

I like Ace’s shirt.

The sound mixing is terrible. It’s like a Christopher Nolan film. I can’t make out the dialogue under the incidental music.

I have no idea what is going on.

I don’t like Ace’s tux.

I remember having a discussion with a coworker when Doctor Who relaunched in 2005, and he said he didn’t like that it was a serial like the original. He was very wrong.

Part Two

Steamed buns are good. This one is filled with a spicy tofu recipe from Maangchi.

It’s not just the sound mixing that sucks in this story. It’s also the cinematography.

Part Three

This is horrible. Maybe the worst Doctor Who story.

Well, I’m never watching that one again.

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